Media Coverage: Matalee Shambley Shares Expert Insights for Consumer Goods Brands

July 20, 2023

Bolt PR's Account Director Matalee Shambley shares her expert insights and best practices on how an integrated and personalized communications strategy is necessary for today's businesses in the consumer goods industry.

With new brands debuting every day in the category, it’s never been more important for consumer goods brands to develop a compelling and integrated communications strategy that stands apart from the crowd, builds connections with their audiences, and demonstrates the value they bring to the marketplace and consumers. Matalee expands on this idea throughout the article, drawing from her experience as a public relations professional in the space as well as research, examples and industry trends.

In addition, Matalee highlights the importance of understanding the audience's needs, preferences and behaviors, and tailoring the brand's messages and channels accordingly. The article concludes with her recommended steps to create an effective strategy, such as defining goals, segmenting the audience, creating relevant content, measuring results, and optimizing strategy.

Overall, the article provides practical advice and expert insights for consumer goods brands looking to implement an integrated and personalized communications strategy that can drive connection with customers and stakeholders.

Get all the details in Matalee's article in Bulldog Reporter.

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