Over the past 17 years, we have developed a diverse portfolio working with B2B and B2C organizations of all sizes. We are multi-industry by choice, not chance, and specifically seek out ambitious brands ready to lead the charge in their industry. We look for the hidden gems, the special people, and the services and products that are making a difference in how we live, work and play.

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Consumer Tech

Consumer tech products are continuously rolling out, and digital advancements are shaping the industry. Gain a competitive edge and excite consumers while building loyal brand ambassadors through a PR, digital marketing and content strategy that is as fresh as the latest tech.

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B2b Technology & SERVICES

From the latest technology software to cutting-edge solutions, Bolt PR has a track record of successfully partnering with B2B brands to make the right connections to grow client brands. Our expert team taps into our network of journalists, analysts and influencers, while leveraging the power of digital marketing and lead generation, to implement proven strategies to drive industry thought leadership and grow your bottom line.

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Food + Beverage

We’re serving up a delicious menu of digital marketing, content and PR services that will have your customers hungry for more. From restaurant chains to spirits brands, and from food products to bars, we bring deep experience and knowledge in creating loyal customers. Partner with us to find out what’s in our secret sauce!

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Whether your brand is a hotel or rooted in travel and tourism, the hospitality industry sees travelers searching for their next adventure. Let us take you on your next exciting journey. Bolt PR is your full-service marketing agency rooted in strategy, storytelling and creating a message where our clients feel like home. 

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The franchise industry is on the rise, and our Bolt PR full-service agency team is taking brands to the top. From storefronts and e-commerce, to franchises, multi-unit locations and independently owned chains, we wrote the playbook on how to drive traffic into your stores and onto your websites.

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Beauty + Fashion

Whether your brand has a mass appeal or a niche audience, the beauty and fashion industry is quickly evolving. Bolt PR stays on top of those trends to differentiate your brand, tell your story, and amass a loyal following through top-tier publicity, influencer engagements, social media marketing, email marketing and more.

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Healthcare Tech + Femtech

The future of healthcare tech is where we thrive, with a passion and focus on women’s healthcare and wellness. The femtech revolution is bringing about amazing medical advancements through powerful apps, devices and other technology. The future of healthcare is now, and we stay at the forefront.

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Health, Wellness + Sports

The health, wellness and sports industry is running ahead at full speed, and our Bolt PR team is leading the charge. From products, services and events, we know when to take off, pivot and sprint to the finish line.

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Author PR and digital agency


We’re turning the page to a new era of book promotion and author marketing. In the competitive literary industry, having a team behind you who knows a thing or two about launching best sellers is a must. From event bookings to award submissions, media attention and everything in between, let’s start at ‘chapter one’ to write a brand story your target audience simply can’t put down. 

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