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At Bolt PR, we relentlessly pursue excellence in our work to consistently surpass expectations.

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Our vision is to be the integral partner that ignites brand growth, setting new standards of excellence, and forging enduring relationships that charge our clients and our agency towards unprecedented heights of achievement. Together, we create a future where success, positivity, and people’s aspirations seamlessly align, leaving an indelible mark on the world of PR and digital marketing.

We wholeheartedly embrace a people-first approach, recognizing that our team is our greatest strength. We prioritize their professional and personal development, providing them with an inclusive and empowering environment that inspires their passion and unleashes their full potential.

When it comes to our employees, we only hire the best. Not just the best experts in our industry, but compassionate workers who support each other always. Our team members are our secret sauce. We root ourselves in a positive workplace culture, celebrating each others’ wins and encouraging each other through tough times. When you work at Bolt PR, you know your teammates have your back. We believe teamwork makes the dream work!

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We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries (dubbed “Boltiversaries”), our integrated team wins, and we can’t forget baby showers, holiday parties, virtual happy hours and more. Still, we think the best cause for celebration is the incredible work of our teammates. So we’ve institutionalized recognition and every day wins as part of our DNA, in ways both big and small, throughout the journey of one’s time here. Cue the confetti!

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Bolt Up

Through our Bolt Up program, our agency empowers and challenges all team members to grow in the skills and education needed to benefit our clients and achieve personal career goals.

Bolt Back

Our Bolt Back program is a way to give back through philanthropic activities to the amazing communities that have supported our agency for more than 17 years.

Bolt Exceeds

With a focus on tracking quantifiable client results every month, our Bolt Exceeds program is a way to celebrate our wins, redeem prizes and keep us on track to achieving greatness.

Bolt Back

As part of our work-life integration philosophy, team members are encouraged to bring personal passions into the fold. In-kind, our community involvement expands outside Bolt PR to include those causes near and dear to our hearts. Our Bolt Back program allows us to give back through philanthropic activities within the amazing communities that have supported our agency for nearly two decades.

Bolt Balance

As part of our work-life integration philosophy, we recognize the importance of health & wellness as an adopted process for years to come. Encouraging team members to take time for themselves and further foster initiatives that put our employees' work-life balance at the forefront. Such as quarterly virtual wellness retreats, WIN (what I need) time, a generous PTO policy, Summer Fridays, and more.

Bolt Exceeds

We firmly believe that our triumphs stem from the dedication of our team members and their collaborative efforts. To ensure we stay focused on achieving greatness, our Bolt Exceeds program motivates us to strive for excellence through measurable outcomes and celebrates our successes intending to enhance performance, demonstrating gratitude, and incentivizing our team to excel through redeemed prizes.

Bolt Boost

We take great pride in our commitment to the growth and advancement of our team members. To effectively manage performance and support our employees' development and professional goals, our Boost program is here to boost and ignite employees' and teams' performance throughout the year, provide a forum to offer clear and direct performance improvement feedback and prepare employees for continued advancement.

Bolt Together

Our team members exemplify our core values in everything they do, and through building a culture deeply rooted in appreciation, we understand the importance of taking time each day to support one another and act upon our commitment to embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into our daily ethos. We fully recognize that our Together program will be a journey, not a race, and will be part of the fabric of Bolt PR for years to come.

Bolt UP

A career at Bolt PR means constant growth. Our team members have the opportunity to learn not only from on-the-job experiences but also through team training and guidance to help ensure personal and professional development. As a people-first agency, our University of Performance program is designed to enhance our employees’ skills, challenge their knowledge, and give them direct access to experienced team members who can help propel their pathway forward.


Want to jumpstart your career in a fast-paced agency that prides itself on positive workplace culture, great work-life balance and exciting personal growth opportunities? Join the Bolt PR team and learn what it means to become a bulldog today!

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We Love What We Do.

In the short time I've been at Bolt I have already learned so much from an amazing team of leaders. The opportunity to work on clients across multiple industries has helped me stretch my knowledge and writing skills while keeping everyday different and exciting!

Lindsay Harden
Lindsay Harden
Account Coordinator

My time at Bolt has allowed me to grow not only in my professional life but in my personal life as well. “Coming to work” every day (from my kitchen) doesn’t feel like a job because I truly love what we do and whom I am doing it with. The Bolt team supports and empowers me to be better! #Ilovethisplace

Ava Pena
Ava Peña
Account Coordinator

Bolt provides our team with a future-forward, supportive environment that allows us to truly hone in on our expertise and focus on delivering the best possible results to our clients every day, 24/7/365. Our attention to providing  high-caliber work is so rewarding — all while having fun every step of the way.

Steven Wright
Steven Wright
Sr. Digital & Data Strategist

I love working at Bolt because of the humans I have working alongside me every day. A team of savvy, incredibly smart, go-getters. I learn something new every day from these insanely talented individuals. Beyond that, we trust one another, we believe in each other and we share in our goal to win BIG for our clients. When you work alongside people who make you want to be a better you in every sense of the word, you know you've found where you belong.

Hannah Hendersen
Hannah Henderson
Senior Account Executive

Every day at Bolt is different, bringing new opportunities, conversations and ideas across the agency. In addition to the incredible work we create for our clients, we tackle every challenge and celebrate every success together as a team.

Matalee Shambley
Matalee Shambley
PR Manager

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are a people-centered agency, from the clients we serve and the industries we represent, to the team members we proudly call family and the amazing charities we support year-round. Bolt PR celebrates and promotes the authentic, bold and diverse. We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are guiding lights to innovation and creativity. Storytelling is the embodiment of what we do, with inclusivity serving as the foundation for the heightened awareness, representation, empathy, understanding, and overall impact that we deliver on a consistent basis. We work intentionally every day to make Bolt PR a welcoming home for our prospective and current employees, clients and partners - a place where you are embraced as your authentic self and a genuine sense of belonging unites us all.