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Meet Your Team

Our Business is Growing Yours.

When you partner with Bolt PR, you get more than a traditional digital marketing or PR agency. You get industry experts that work closely together with you and your team to execute powerful strategies and put you at the center of the conversation in your industry.

Let our agency family be an extension of yours.  We develop the right team to serve you, filled with specialized team members who care deeply about your brand and your mission. Trust that you're getting the best quality and talent when you choose to work with our all-star staff.

Full-Time Team Members
Years in Business
Years of Combined Experience

Our Holistic Approach.

Strategy Development

Strategy is at the core of everything we do. We use it to drive goals, KPIs and optimize it for the best ROI.

Content and Creative

Our content and creative team focuses on the different elements, activations and platforms to elevate our clients’ brands online.

Expert Execution

Our team of experts go above and beyond to ensure the strategy is implemented, executed flawlessly, and optimized to its full extent.

Impactful Measurement

We put heavy focus on data-driven measurement to guide decisions. With advanced analytics and reporting, our clients see tangible evidence of success.

Our Expertise

All of the Following.

Over the past 17+ years, we have developed a very diverse portfolio working with businesses of all sizes in both the B2B and B2C space.

Consumer Tech
B2B Technology
Food + Beverage
Retail + Franchise
Beauty + Fashion
Healthcare + FemTech
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Where We Are

Wherever you Need.

Wherever you need us, that's where we are. We have experts from coast to coast, as well as an established network of agency partners that enable us to scale your programs across the globe on a moment's notice. Click to explore where we can serve you and activate the most strategic plans for your digital marketing, content and PR efforts.

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