Franchise FAQ: How Marketing and PR Strategies Accelerate Growth

March 27, 2023

Creating exceptional customer experiences in the franchise industry is a must. It requires strategy and expertise to launch a single location or expand to hundreds. Here at Bolt PR, our digital marketing, content development and PR team is trusted by leading and emerging franchises alike. Our very first QSR client, a pizza shop, started with one location, expanded across the country, and grew into an international franchise in just a few years. From launching a well-established fitness franchise in a new market, to opening new restaurants for major chains like McDonalds and Chick-fil-A, our PR leaders understand how to supercharge franchise expansions. In fact, we wrote the playbook on it

If you’re ready to drive in-store traffic and accelerate your franchise expansion goals, a strategic public relations partnership is the perfect place to start. We’re harnessing over 20 years of experience launching hundreds of franchise brands to answer those franchise FAQs on how marketing and PR strategies help set you up for success.

1. What is franchise marketing?

By definition, franchise marketing is the process of creating and executing a marketing strategy for a franchise to attract new customers, employees, or franchisees; elevate brand awareness and credibility, often in new markets; generate leads and drive in-store traffic; and ultimately drive revenue for their franchise company. Essentially, it is any activity done to grow business. 

2. What is the importance of franchise marketing?

Franchises are built on brand recognition. A thoughtful and strategic plan helps franchisors build and maintain the reputation of the brand, while also helping franchisees generate leads and grow their businesses. It’s a necessary strategy to keep franchise brands advancing, relevant and profitable in today’s ever-evolving climate of change. 

3. What are the types of franchise marketing?

There are two types of franchise marketing categories to develop within a strategic plan. While they are two completely separate elements, there will be crossover and integration in the marketing channels used for both of the below brand awareness methods. Keep in mind, both are equally important in attracting the right franchisee to grow business as well as customers to increase the bottom line. 

  • Operational Franchise Marketing: This is the marketing activity that both franchisor and franchisee use to attract customers. Think local in-market activations, opening events, social media marketing, philanthropic partnerships, email marketing and more. Operational franchise marketing is business to consumer, or B2C, marketing and is likely the type of promotions people see on billboards, social channels and other popular media outlets. 
  • Franchise Development Marketing: This type of marketing is what the franchisor does to attract potential franchisees to grow the franchise business. This could be considered more of a business to business, or B2B, approach. Thought leadership articles, online lead generation, podcast and guest speaker opportunities, optimizing SEO and more all come into play when strategizing ways to reach new franchisees. 

4. What are examples of franchise marketing?

There is not one specific example of a winning franchise marketing tactic, as they come in all shapes and sizes. While there is a common goal of entering a new market, generating in-store traffic, and attracting new franchisees, employees, and loyal customers, our franchise marketing agency understands the importance of amplifying a brand’s unique story for a bold approach. In our experience working with national brands on operational and franchise development marketing goals, on both the consumer and business sides, we recommend three tactical avenues for a diversified and successful strategy:

  • In-market Activations: Partner with the local marketing or franchise team to execute in-market activations, such as an official opening plan, VIP events, media tours, philanthropic give-backs and more. Find plans and inspiration in our Secrets to Successful Franchise Openings playbook.
  • PR Strategy: Get great coverage with a PR strategy that harnesses the power of franchise executive thought leadership and magnifies it through published articles and interviews. Outlets such as Franchise Times, Franchise Wire, and Entrepreneur, to name just a few, have impressive reach and will serve as your brand’s megaphone.
  • Digital Marketing: Launch a robust digital marketing plan that includes creative social media content, email marketing campaigns, SEO strategy, PPC advertising, customer relationship and loyalty programs. 

5. What is the best franchise marketing?

There are several variables that are considered highly valuable in the world of franchise marketing, but nothing compares to the way the digital age has catapulted marketing strategies in this space. The best franchise marketing in recent years is found in a stellar digital marketing plan. Operating within a digital landscape offers numerous advantages, making it the perfect choice for franchise businesses and is incredibly valuable to increase your bottom line.

Now, for a final question that may have been building in your mind as you read through these frequently asked franchise marketing questions: Why partner with Bolt PR to achieve your goals? Our dedicated team has decades of award-winning experience working with national franchise brands coast to coast through both traditional and digital marketing strategies and campaigns. When it comes to marketing a franchise brand, we’ve done it all and know how to deliver results that surprise and delight. The ways to implement a creative marketing strategy campaign have no limits, and with our integrated PR, content and digital marketing team, you’ll see exceptional results in your business growth, customer loyalty and profitability. Don’t forget to download our playbook that is packed with actionable steps and pro tips, and get in touch with us to discuss a franchise PR partnership. 

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