Super Bowl Digital Experiences, Twitter Billboards and Wordle | Bolt Trend Report

January 17, 2022

If this Tuesday is starting to feel a lot like Monday, then we’re on the same page, and it’s time for a quick break to review the latest trending topics. From Instacart’s “hot” announcement to the first internet game sensation of the year, we have everything you need to spark your imagination and inspiration for the short week ahead. Let’s get started.

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • National Popcorn Day – Jan. 19
  • National Pie Day - Jan. 23
  • National Fun at Work Day – Jan. 28

Must-Know Trends:

Instacart Meal Delivery

That’s right, Instacart is taking on popular meal delivery companies like DoorDash with its new prepared-food delivery service. If you’re used to the brand only dropping paper bags full of recipe items on your doorstep, it’s time to think outside the grocery bag. From cold grocery items to hot and ready-to-eat meals, Instacart announced their Ready Meals hub. With home essentials and grocery items already under its (conveyor) belt, now you can check off all your food items in one app. The competition in this market is stiff, with Grubhub, Uber Eats and restaurant delivery already having perfected the food-to-doorstep process, but there just might be a perk to stocking the fridge while ordering a last-minute prepared lunch.

Brands are Stepping up Their Digital Game for the Super Bowl

There are two types of people in this world: the type who watch the Super Bowl and the type who watch the commercials. We’re not going to restrict ourselves here at Bolt with a label, but we’ll just say that our digital marketing professionals are tracking all the latest with brands’ plans for the biggest ad weekend of the year. Avocados from Mexico launched a buzzworthy digital campaign that makes us feel right at home. This virtual experience titled, “House of Goodness” is hosted by former NFL quarterback Drew Brees. It’s a virtual experience where consumers can tour the avocado-themed home, check out guacamole recipes, purchase avocados directly through the shoppable touchpoints and so much more. If you’re an avocado lover, then this futuristic virtual experience might have you saying “holy guacamole!”

Manifesting on Twitter

If you’re like millions of Americans who believe that manifesting is key to success, then you’ll love Twitter’s latest campaign. This ad campaign focuses on manifesting by tweet. Essentially, the social platform is highlighting star athletes and celebrities who tweeted early words about their dream of success before the dream ever came to fruition. But, believe us, the dreams were made, and these public figures have their ‘manifesting’ in writing. Twitter turned these tweets into lifesize inspirations by putting them on over 39 billboards across the country. We’re loving the tech platform’s method of turning to old school billboards for a heartwarming campaign that does so much more than promote its own brand.

Wordle is the First Viral Game of 2022

Are you familiar with the green and yellow squares that are taking the internet bystorm? If not, you’re about to join the puzzle game that is consuming screens and minds. Basically, the point of the online game Wordle is to guess a five-letter word in six tries or less. Easy, right? Not so fast. The tile turns green if you guess the correct letter in the right place. The tile turns yellow if it’s the correct letter in the wrong place, and a gray tile means the letter isn’t in the word. From the time of the game’s creation in October to today, Wordle has two million players. What sets this game apart from other games that went viral (think Candy Crush) is that you can hop onto the game from any web browser, and you only get one puzzle a day.With a new game to challenge your brain, proof that manifesting works and an app tip to order your ready-to-eat meals, we hope this week’s Trend Report jump started your week. Meet us here next Monday for the latest trending topics and news.

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