Laura Murphy Reveals the Secret Weapon for Restaurant Brands: Local Store Marketing

October 17, 2023

If there are two things Bolt PR's Senior Vice President Laura Murphy knows best, it's franchise marketing and how to build relationships that last. Combining her expertise in both while leveraging personal experiences and best practices gained from her 20+ years of partnering with leading QSR and restaurant franchise brands, Laura educates on the power of local store marketing (LSM) and how to put it into practice in this Modern Restaurant Management article.

Laura shares real-life examples of LSM in action, showcasing some of the incredible ways restaurant brands can build brand sparks and emotionally engage with the community to introduce a brand's story, products and services. In a customer-driven competitive market, she emphasizes how important customer satisfaction and relationships within the community are to thrive in this industry and achieve long-term success.

Read all of Laura's expert insights here in Modern Restaurant Management

Interested in learning more secrets to franchise marketing success? Check out Laura's article in QSR Magazine.

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