Pepsi Pizza, Barbie Diversity & LinkedIn | Bolt Trend Report

May 23, 2022

We want to know, is business a laughing matter? LinkedIn is rolling out a new way to react on the platform, and some are all smiles about it. From social media updates, the latest soda-infused pizza and Barbie dolls with varying abilities, this week’s trends are seriously fun.

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Memorial Day - May 30

Must-Know Trends

Pepsi Pepperoni Pizza

In honor of National Pizza Party Day on May 20, Pepsi created a pizza topped with soda-infused pepperoni. The limited-edition Pepsi-Roni Pizza was served at a pop-up event in New York to support the brand’s “Better with Pepsi” campaign. Basically, by pairing the soda with popular food items, Pepsi is generating buzz and capitalizing on what customers crave. It's important to realize, 72% of national pizza chains serve Pepsi, according to data. If the cola tastes great with pizza, then why not infuse it right into the meal? The Pepsi Zero Sugar reduction adds a sweetness to traditional pepperoni. Would you try this spin on the popular soda and pizza pair?

Gap Steps into the Metaverse

‘Fall into the Gap,’ and step into the metaverse. If you love Gap fashion, then you’ll love the new virtual experience in Club Roblox, a popular social hangout game developed by Block Evolution Studios. So, how does a major clothing brand fit into all of this? Well, within Club Roblox is a boutique called SuperAwesome. Resembling a Gap Teen store, the experience will showcase fashion, games, a photo booth and juice bar. As online worlds rapidly gain momentum, Gap is focusing on inclusiveness and self expression to reach younger consumers. In fact, studies show that Gen Z consumers feel more comfortable expressing themselves in games versus real life.

LinkedIn Expressions

When was the last time you laughed while scrolling LinkedIn? Nevertheless, the professional networking platform is said to be rolling out a “Funny” reaction. That’s right, LinkedIn is adding a new reaction option. The laughing emoji will be a quick response to the posts that make you, well, laugh. Earlier this year, LinkedIn’s chief product officer said that the laughing emoji reaction was a top request. Apparently, it is OK to work hard and play hard in the business world! While we’re not certain on the official launch date of this new reaction, our social media managers are keeping an eye on its release.

Barbie Doll to Boost Diversity

Mattel’s Barbie is evolving. From dolls of different sizes, skin tones and abilities, Barbie is no longer one-size-fits-all. This June, the toy brand is set to release a new series of dolls, including the first Barbie with a prosthetic leg, a Barbie with behind-the-ear hearing aids and a Ken doll with a skin condition called vitiligo I. Now, more children across the world will have the opportunity to have dolls that reflect themselves, thanks to Mattel’s mission of celebrating diversity and inclusion.

It might be a Monday, but today’s Bolt Trend Report is sending major signals that life isn’t about all work and no play. With the laughing reaction on LinkedIn, Barbie’s diversity series, Gap’s virtual experience and cola-infused pepperoni pizza, this week is off to a fun start. We’ll meet you back here next week for more trending topics.

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