March 2, 2021

Jared Pope is the founder and CEO of
Work Shield, the first-of-its-kind proven and effective solution to mitigate harassment and discrimination issues in the workplace. Through Work Shield, Jared is tackling what previously seemed impossible: serve the best interests of both the employer and the employee in finding resolution to workplace harassment and discrimination issues. When companies partner with Work Shield, employees feel valued and respected, knowing that should an issue arise, their voice will be heard and the incident will be handled quickly without bias or fear of retaliation. Meanwhile, employers have peace of mind that the company will be protected under the guidance of Work Shield’s experienced team of trained professionals who manage every incident from start to finish, from reporting and investigation, all the way to resolution.

Work Shield is legitimately revolutionizing the way organizations handle issues that have traditionally been swept under the rug, or cost millions of dollars in EEOC claims. The result? Open and positive workplace cultures comprised of integrity and trust.

Just last month, Work Shield celebrated its three-year anniversary, and already with so many achievements: 230 clients across 33 states, proven ROI for companies, social impact awards, and national publicity, including the likes of Fast Company, Forbes and Business Insider. It’s no wonder people are taking notice. Work Shield is at the forefront of the conversation surrounding equality and diversity in the workplace, providing the first and only proven solution to harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

So how does he do it? We asked for a few minutes with Jared to peel back the layers and learn more about the path that’s brought him to leading the most innovative, relevant and meaningful company solving the issue of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. This is Jared’s Story.

What was your very first job?
I bussed tables and washed dishes at a local restaurant called The Cuckoo’s Nest in Granbury, Texas.  It was the summer right before I turned 13.

What did you learn before starting your company that’s helped you get to where you are today?
Control what you can control.  I learned this valuable concept selling books door-to-door with the Southwestern Company, based out of Nashville, TN.  

What is your company’s Why?
Protects people, companies and cultures - ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

How would you describe your work style?
Go, Go, Go.  (Editor’s note: can confirm, this is true.)

How do you maintain your work-life balance while being the founder of your company?

Simply put, I have the best partner, my best friend and wife – Jennifer.  I also try to make sure that on the weekends, I have one day where I don’t “work,” but rather focus on the family and children and what they love to do!

What have you learned since starting your company?
Trust your gut.  Believe in your vision and mission.  And make sure your team is aligned around that guiding purpose.  Do what you’re great at.  Find competent people to handle the rest.  

What is your company’s “secret sauce” -- why is it so successful?
We designed a simple, effective solution to a complex problem that every employer wants to ensure is handled in the right way.  We found the proverbial “win-win-win” situation!  

What advice would give your past – and future – self about starting your own business?
Past self:  Act.  Don’t hesitate or wait on others approval.  In the end – fail fast and learn!
Future self:  Enjoy the little moments and “wins!”  

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
Continue innovating and implementing Work Shield’s “Why” and remain the #1 provider in the U.S.

What obstacles/ challenges have you had to overcome along your journey?
Not trusting my gut when situations required it because I was too worried about other people’s feelings.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t wait on someone to tell you that your idea is great.  Go do it.  Find out what the market thinks.  Fail fast and always be learning.

Period! In other words, don’t let the size of your dream be limited by those who aren’t willing to dream big.  

Thanks so much to Jared for the time to share his story and for the impact Work Shield is making on people and cultures everywhere!

-The Bolt PR Team

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