Media Coverage: Laura Murphy on Office Hours with David Meltzer

June 20, 2023

On Office Hours with David Meltzer, Bolt PR’s Senior Vice President Laura Murphy shares her story, insights and best practices on how people, especially young women, can find success in the field of public relations.

To begin, Laura dives into her public relations journey which started her junior year of high school when her guidance counselor suggested PR, an industry that was just taking off at the time. She landed a marketing job after graduating college, but ultimately transitioned to PR due to her passion for storytelling. Throughout the interview, she shares her expert insight on how to be an empowering leader, the power of connection to tell a story, key differences between marketing and public relations, and the importance of building a positive workplace culture.

When it comes to building an integrated PR team, Laura stresses the importance of hiring from a variety of backgrounds and skills to drive impact for an agency's clients. As a leader, she empowers through empathy to build the next generation of passionate PR professionals.

Overall, Laura provides practical tips and insights for young women and professionals looking to advance in the field of public relations. Listen to the full interview.

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