Media Coverage: Adrienne Wojtaszek Shares Expert Insights for Franchise Marketing

August 8, 2023

Every brand has a story, and that’s what makes customers, employees and franchisees take notice and continue to come back.

Whether entering a new market; attracting new franchisees, employees and loyal customers; increasing average unit volume (AUV); or accelerating franchise expansion strategies, franchise restaurant brands must employ the power of storytelling and content marketing to stand out from the crowd.

In her recent feature with Modern Restaurant Management, Bolt PR’s senior vice president Adrienne Wojtaszek dishes out the secret sauce for successful content marketing. She breaks down what it means to truly understand your audiences, the importance of building a brand story with tailored messaging, how to uncover a variety of storylines, and ways to amplify that story across marketing channels. With that recipe in mind, Adrienne shares how to measure and optimize for success.

When executed thoughtfully and consistently, storytelling and content marketing help restaurant brands stand out with customers, employees and franchisees alike.

Get the full scoop here.

Looking for more expert insights? Hear from Adrienne about how to integrate your content, PR and digital marketing strategies to grow your business.

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