Media Coverage: CEOWORLD Magazine with Adrienne Wojtaszek

June 26, 2023

As successful companies know, PR is a powerful tool to build brand awareness, strengthen credibility, and establish a positive reputation and loyalty among target audiences. Bolt PR Senior Vice President Adrienne Wojtaszek shares her insights and best practices on how to use PR to grow a business. As a first step, she emphasizes the importance of finding a reliable PR partner who understands the company's goals and can think strategically. This includes developing creative ideas, communicating updates regularly, and measuring success effectively.

Additionally, it's important to build a brand narrative that answers key questions for a business’ audience, such as the problem the product or service solves, why it matters now, and where it fits in the larger ecosystem. The brand narrative should then evolve based on feedback from stakeholders, including customers, partners, investors and journalists.

Adrienne also discusses how to integrate PR with content and digital marketing to create multiple touchpoints across earned and owned platforms. This includes sharing editorial coverage on social media and websites, generating thought leadership and educational content, and executing search ads to capture interest. The article also emphasizes the importance of measuring PR impact by identifying relevant metrics, analyzing data regularly, and using insights to optimize strategies.

Overall, the article highlights the value of PR as a powerful tool for building brand awareness, credibility, and reputation. It encourages businesses to establish strong relationships with PR partners, develop a compelling brand narrative, integrate PR with other marketing efforts, and make data-driven decisions to achieve success.

Read the full article in CEOWORLD Magazine here.

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