Holiday AR Stores and Secondhand Shopping | Bolt Trend Report

November 28, 2021

Happy Cyber Monday! As you’re clicking the hottest deals into your cart today, we’re so glad you met us here for a few updates on the latest trends. From the AR holiday shopping virtual scene to the creative ways consumers are snagging items in time for Christmas, this week’s trends are festive, fun and futuristic. Let’s scroll through them now!

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • Cyber Monday – Nov. 29
  • Giving Tuesday – Nov. 30
  • National Pie Day – Dec. 1

 Must-Know Trends 

Holiday AR Stores

Snapchat joined the holiday shopping scene just in time for Black Friday with its AR (augmented reality) tools. The social platform’s ‘Snap Holiday Market’ includes unique shopping experiences with big brands, including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Hollister, Verizon and Walmart. Each participating brand has a virtual store environment where Snapchatters can shop products and deals in a unique virtual environment. These shops even include ‘Try-On’ elements. This new immersive shopping option is another step in the platform’s evolving eCommerce tools and push to reach a younger audience. We’re excited to see where Snapchat and the other major social platforms take the virtual shopping experience in the future! 

Cheetos Orange Dust is Art

It has happened to the best of us. We stick our hand on the Cheetos bag and come out with knuckles covered in delicious orange dust. First of all, did you know that the dust that sticks to your fingers after eating Cheetos has an official name? It’s called Cheetle. Now that we have that clear, let’s talk about this Cheetle art. Frito-Lay has created eight pieces of original artwork from the orange dust. The unique pieces are featured at the Art Basel in Miami. The exhibit is free and will include hip-hop producer headliner, Just Blaze. The Cheetos brand is reaching Gen Z and millennial consumers by joining forces with hip-hop and art cultures. Now, for the most important question; Would you consider showcasing a piece of Cheetos artwork in your home? 

Videos to Take Over Instagram Feeds

Instagram might be on its way to joining the video-first social platforms. The Instagram grid we’ve come to know and love may not be your main feed for long. The platform’s recent experiment of longer videos in Stories could be a step in a new direction to stay relevant with young users in a social world that values video content above all else. Instagram has not confirmed the changes yet, but your feed will soon display image posts, Stories, Reels and video content in a full-screen, swipeable format. This sounds eerily familiar to TikTok. Well, it is. TikTok is sweeping the younger audience, and social competitors like Meta and Instagram are evolving to keep up. With the all the recent Instagram updates we’ve listed in our Trend Blogs over the past several weeks, we’re eager to watch as more video updates unfold.  

Supply-chain Crisis Leads to Secondhand Shopping 

When you can’t have ‘new,’ you choose ‘like new.’ Holiday shoppers are frantically trying to work around the issue of the recent supply-chain crisis. With shipping delays and product shortages, consumers have found a way to fill stockings and find goods. Buying used items has become the new trend. Instead of waiting six months for a piece of furniture to arrive at your doorstep, why not check out sites like Poshmark and eBay for quality used items? Rather than discounts and products that are in pristine shape, shoppers are concerned with shipping speed and convenience. A recent survey found that three in four American adults expect to buy at least one secondhand item this holiday season. Will you consider shopping secondhand products to avoid the supply chain issues?Thanks for meeting us here for your weekly updates on the latest trends. We hope you’ll join us again on the Bolt Blog next Monday for more exciting news and updates!

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