QSR and Restaurant Franchise Marketing Best Practices from Laura Murphy

August 29, 2023

Bolt PR Senior Vice President Laura Murphy shares franchise marketing best practices and expert insights from her 20+ years of experience partnering with leading and emerging QSR and restaurant franchise brands. In this Q&A, Laura breaks down how to build a brand persona to build customer loyalty.

Laura’s best practices for restaurant franchise owners include building a strong brand identity, creating unique customer experiences, leveraging the power of social media, and embracing word-of-mouth marketing.

Recognizing intense competition across the restaurant franchise industry, Laura provides examples of how to harness the power of experiential marketing and integrated marketing campaigns across public relations and digital marketing to give customers the opportunity to see and experience the brand.

Read about these and other franchise marketing best practices in Laura's interview with Bar & Restaurant News here.

Are you looking for even more franchise marketing best practices? Download our Agency Classifieds: Secrets to Successful Franchise Openings playbook that shares strategies, insights, recommendations and resources for successful franchise grand openings.

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