Caroline Callaway on How to Capitalize on Digital Marketing in the Retail High Season

October 24, 2023

Bolt PR President and Founder Caroline Callaway shares her insights and best practices on how brands can maximize their digital marketing efforts during the holiday high season. Overall, her touchpoints emphasize the need to consider various online channels and strategies, such as social media, paid ads, email marketing, SEO, influencers and creative design.

To capitalize on holiday marketing, Caroline advises brands to be clear, direct, and accessible in their messaging, removing barriers to purchase. She recommends retargeting for those who have run paid ads all year, or using targeted advertising for brands that are just starting out in paid ads. Caroline encourages building a content strategy around gifting and utilizing seasonal hashtags for organic social media posts, and advises brands to tap into their email databases to create subscriber-exclusive promotions and deals.

Caroline also shares expert insights on what brands should expect with digital marketing in the retail high season. Paid ads will be more expensive due to fierce competition. Brands should push boundaries with their messaging, make direct purchase requests, and tell genuine stories through digital marketing. Caroline also advises brands to be prepared to fail fast and learn from both successes and failures.

While brands focus now on the high season, Caroline also reminds them to use the current holiday season to gather insights and best practices, allowing for optimized marketing in subsequent years and early planning for successful holiday seasons in the future.

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