CES 2023: Consumer Tech Trends

February 2, 2023

From immersive gaming experiences to empowering people to care for their wellbeing from the comfort of their homes, technology has transformed the way we live. And it seems that every year – or perhaps every minute – the bar is raised, and innovators launch new products that have consumers believing anything is possible. Because, in the world of technology, it is. 

At Bolt PR, we like to think of ourselves as techies, staying ahead of the trends and finding the latest gadgets that have us saying wow and shouting the news from the rooftops. With bated breath we look forward to CES each January, and the global stage for innovation did not disappoint this year. We joined forces with our Bolt PR media company, Lede TV, to attend CES 2023 in Las Vegas where we had to pinch ourselves to prove it wasn’t all a tech lover’s dream. 

Here’s what our Bolt PR CES attendees had to say about the most recent trends. 

Immersive Technology for the Ultimate Experiences

With stunning screen displays, enhanced image quality, crisp sound, and the rapid growth of virtual reality (VR), technology is no longer a life additive – it’s an immersive experience. From business to healthcare and education, consumers can now take part in experiences like never before. Bolt PR’s Account Director, Matalee Shambley attended CES 2023 with our client and global leader in display technology, BenQ, who debuted their largest-ever gaming monitor, the 48-inch EX480UZ. Joining BenQ’s MOBIUZ line, this impressive monitor combines high-speed gaming with incredible visuals, and with 98% DCI-P3 Delta E≤2 and perfect black with OLED technology, it’s taking immersive gaming, content creation and more to new levels.

When it comes time to unwind and relax – and let’s be real, it’s always time for that – we turned to VRelax, the VR app developed as a remedy for stress and pain. With stress, anxiety and burnout on the rise, VRelax offers another world where peace and tranquility flow. Ease your worries or pain by stepping into a tropical escape, exotic safari, majestic deep sea venture, or winter wonderland, all through the powerful technology of VR. Our Lede TV team put on the VRelax headset and experienced a journey into a land of peaceful surroundings that they almost wanted to reach out and touch! 

Healthtech in a Post-COVID World

Access to health and wellness solutions continues to be top priority in a post-COVID world. Cutting-edge technology is empowering consumers and promoting good health with improved measurement, tracking and access to vital healthcare information. Bolt PR SVP of New Client Success Adrienne Wojtaszek jumped into learning more about the healthtech brands and products while at CES 2023 and left inspired to continue charging brands in this category forward through our PR, digital marketing and content development services. 

Our team interviewed CarePredict, the AI-powered digital health platform for senior care. This life-improving innovation is a wrist-worn wearable device for seniors, offering safety, security and peace of mind. This comprehensive solution measures locations and activities of daily living, such as eating, walking and sleeping, to detect patterns, predict changes in health, and enable early intervention.

Another tech innovation that caught our attention at CES 2023 is Nobi, the smart lamp that provides fall detection and prevention. Whether at home or in a care facility, older adults can have peace of mind and live full lives with this design-forward lamp that captures a birds-eye view to notice falls and alert caregivers or healthcare professionals that help is needed. 

Rounding out the standout healthtech innovations at CES is MedWand, a transformative solution to telemedicine sessions, which rapidly increased in necessity and popularity since the pandemic. Providing for remote measurement and live monitoring of vitals, the MedWand platform has all the tools needed for a virtual exam any time, from anywhere in the world. 

Wellness Tech to Empower Wellbeing

The wellness market is booming. According to McKinsey, spend on products and services in the wellness category in the U.S. is estimated at more than $450 billion with an over 5% annual growth rate. At CES 2023, we saw first-hand how innovative technology is driving this industry forward through revolutionary products and services. Bolt PR President Caroline Callaway led the charge in learning more about the wellness tech brands at CES that allow consumers to care for their wellbeing from the comfort of their homes.

First up, our team met with Cubtale, the tech-forward way to manage a baby’s routine care. Forget jotting everything down on a notepad. Cubs make it easy to log every activity through the push of a smart button that integrates with an exceptional app, and they can be placed wherever is convenient, like on the refrigerator, above the changing station, by the crib and more.

Next, we checked out the radiant results of LUSTRE Clear Skin, a LED light therapy device that uses varying wavelengths of light to address a range of skin conditions, while helping to rejuvenate and renew skin naturally and safely.

Another wellness tech that impressed at CES was MyLÚA Health, a virtual maternal care platform that offers remote-patient monitoring, in-app health education and early risk identification. Through this platform, MyLÚA Health is on a mission to empower and support all birthing people to receive equitable, timely maternal care.

Finally in the wellness tech category, Vivoo is changing the landscape for personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance. This science-based at-home urine test provides results within 90 seconds via the app and provides recommendations tailored to the user’s specific needs. 

Sustainable Tech for the Future

The green technology and sustainability market is experiencing major growth. In fact, it’s projected to grow to over $417 billion by 2030. The increase in demand for this sector was evident at CES 2023, and our entire team was thrilled to get a first-hand look at some sustainable tech for the future. 

We started by feeling right at home when meeting with the team at Moduly, an innovative solution to control energy consumption with just the push of a button. Not only does this product favor renewable resources, but it reuses stored electricity for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Another brand we are electrified with is the CES Innovation Awards honoree VoltSafe. They took the electrical plug that has been around for over 140 years and reinvented it with the first high-voltage prongless plug, transforming the way consumers connect to electricity. With a smart “electricity gate” that controls power at the outlet, VoltSafe’s prongless magnetic plug improves accessibility and energy monitoring. Now, that’s something we’re charged about! 

Wrapping up our experience within the amazing sustainable tech space, we heated things up with a chat with the cofounder of FOGO, a new kind of radiator with patented Grapheat®️ technology for responsive heat control. Equipped with intelligent sensors and AI, the FOGO radiator optimizes heating cycles and better anticipates the user’s needs.

Our Bolt PR team and media company Lede TV had a blast walking the futuristic landscape at CES 2023. From learning about life-changing products powered by cutting-edge technology to meeting the genius minds behind some of these innovations, our PR, digital marketing and content development agency is energized to continue driving consumer tech brands into the spotlight for all to enjoy. 

If you’re ready to power up your message and reach the world with your story, talk to the PR agency team that is just as excited about the future of tech trends as you are. 

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