Strategies for Cultivating Company Culture with Laura Murphy

September 12, 2023

Bolt PR's Senior Vice President Laura Murphy shares her expert insight and best practices on effective strategies for cultivating company culture. 

Laura’s insights are grounded in research that points to the importance of fostering a strong organizational culture in driving the success of today's businesses. A robust company culture not only boosts employee engagement and satisfaction but also contributes to enhanced productivity and innovation. By creating an environment where employees feel connected and valued, organizations can experience higher levels of employee retention and improved overall performance.

This insightful article offers practical strategies for cultivating a thriving and positive company culture. Throughout the article, Laura emphasizes the significance of a well-defined culture and offers five focus areas for businesses to implement or improve upon: employee health and wellness, professional development, recognition and celebration, flexible work locations, and DE&I.

Building a meaningful and enduring organizational culture requires time, effort, and consistency. Read Laura’s insights in Small Business Currents.

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