5 Spirits Brands to Support in Honor of Black History Month

February 24, 2023

We started our Bolt Black History Month blog series with a look at health and wellness brands, and we’re ending with the perfect nightcap – five Black-owned spirits brands that range from smooth to bubbly. There’s nothing like a fantastic cocktail to help any day end on a positive, relaxing note. From a sweet and spicy cognac to a rich rum with bold personality and so much more to indulge any palate, our PR, content development and digital marketing experts are raising a glass to these brands and founders who deserve a toast. Grab your glass and let's dive in. 

1. Le Portier Cognac

The next generation of cognac has arrived, born from the vision of Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe and cask connoisseur Jay Bradley. Sharpe knows what it takes to achieve greatness on and off the field, and Le Portier Cognac is no exception. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to perfection, the Le Portier range of cognacs reflects the same passion infused in every aspect of Sharpe’s life. 

Inspired by the tireless grind of elite athletes, Le Portier is crafted with dedication, discipline and determination. In this sweetly polished cognac, Sharpe honors the woman who inspired his values and purpose, his grandmother Mary Porter. Conceived from tradition and born to disrupt, Le Portier is a legend reborn that will be the perfect trophy to your bar lineup.

2. Anteel Tequila

If a love story could be a tequila, it would be Anteel. In 2016, Don and Nayana Ferguson, the co-founders of Anteel Tequila, were celebrating Don's birthday in the Dominican Republic when he proposed to Nayana on the beach. The couple drank premium tequila with their toes in the sand and discussed their shared passion for the spirit, which led to the idea of creating their own brand.

To this day, Anteel Tequila is crafted to be smooth and bold, made from a unique blend of Highland and Lowland Agave grown for six to seven years before harvest. Each expression of the liquor is twice distilled with natural spring water and subjected to an oxygenation/cold filtration process. Since 2019, the brand has won 46 awards and accolades, cementing its status as one of the most highly-regarded tequila brands.

3. Uncle Nearest

Welcome to the wonderful world of whiskey, a 323-acre distillery in Shelbyville, Tenn. known as “Malt Disney World.” CEO and Founder Fawn Weaver sought to honor the first-known African American master distiller, Nearest Green, by crafting Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. Since its launch in 2017, Uncle Nearest's four ultra-premium whiskeys have received more than 450 awards and accolades, including 54 Best in Class honors, two Chairman's Trophies from Ultimate Spirits Challenge, and back-to-back Master Blender of the Year awards from Whisky Magazine. It has been recognized as Whisky of the Year by USA Spirits Ratings and received "World's Best" honors at the 2019 and 2020 World Whiskies Awards.

It’s evident how this brand became the fastest growing American whiskey in U.S. history. The creamy, buttery profile and full-bodied flavor makes you catch your breath in all the right ways. While you may not want every uncle at your party, you can’t go without Uncle Nearest. 

4. Ten to One Rum

It’s not your average pirate’s rum. Ten to One Rum aims to challenge traditional expectations and bring new life to the way people enjoy, savor, and discuss rum. The brand seeks to create a distinguished but inclusive identity that is deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean. 

Founder and CEO Marc Farrell set out to craft an engaging and contemporary narrative of rum reimagined that embodies the idea of blending together different elements to create something greater than the sum of its parts. And it delivers in a big way, with rich, sophisticated flavor and an irresistible smoothness. As part of Black History Month, Ten to One is proud to announce their collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist Devin B. Johnson to offer a limited edition of the Caribbean Dark Rum.

5. Hella Cocktail Co.

Led by the brilliance of co-founders Jomaree Pinkard, Tobin Ludwig and Eduardo Simeon, Hella Cocktail Co. offers luxurious beverage options with an emphasis on excellent taste and optional buzz. This brand specializes in creating elevated, botanically inspired mixers and drinks that challenge traditional cocktail culture and appeal to adventurous drinkers. The goal is to inspire their customers to bring their authentic selves to the table and choose whatever experience delights them. With a carefully curated portfolio of cocktail options, commitment to bold flavors, and inclusive community that welcomes everyone, Hella Cocktail Co. deserves accolades this Black History Month and every month. 

As you toast these impressive spirits brands, take a look back at our Black History Month series recognizing the companies and entrepreneurs we should all know and celebrate. From health and wellness products to consumer goods, hospitality brands and franchise companies, we’ve been shining the spotlight on leading brands across industries.

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