5 Health and Wellness Brands to Support in Honor of Black History Month

February 17, 2023

As we honor Black History Month this February, we’re recognizing Black-owned brands and the entrepreneurs you need to know. With so many impressive companies to recognize, our Bolt PR team curated a series of blogs to spotlight leading brands across industries, including health and wellness products, consumer goods, hospitality, franchise companies and spirits.  

Let’s kick off our Bolt Black History Month series with five Black-owned health and wellness brands that are sure to help you achieve your 2023 health milestones. 

1. Primitiv

You can’t spell healthcare without “THC” and the founders at Primitiv know what that’s all about. From premium cannabis products to proprietary performance blends for athletes, there’s something for everyone looking to get back to their “primitive” ancestral roots of herbal medicine. 

Restoring quality of life is a motto that Primitiv’s founders, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Calvin Johnson Jr. and former NFL teammate Rob Sims, sought to live by while suffering from the long-term physical effects of sports injuries. Their vision is to positively change the stigmas and stereotypes of using cannabis products for holistic wellness while educating athletes about the plant’s use in optimizing recovery. 

2. Golde

Green tea powder, we love you so ‘matcha’! Trinity Mouzon Wofford co-founded Golde in her tiny, one-bedroom apartment with the dream of developing premium superfood products that beautify from the inside out. 

From her staple pure matcha powder and superwhisk latte kit, to her temptingly pure face masks and healthful blends that target specific needs, such as debloating, stress support, glowing skin and much more, the options for becoming a healthier you are endless. All we can say is that our quali-tea of life has never been better since coming across these superpower-packed products.

3. Xula

When it comes to women's cycle and reproductive health, you want allies in your corner like Xula. Co-founders Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey and Karina Primelles envisioned a world where women could challenge themselves to experience what it’s like to have a good, consistent cycle through the power of clinically effective botanicals. 

Developed with the guidance of expert herbalists and doctors, Xula offers products full of rich, organic herbs grown in the U.S. that are targeted towards menstrual cramps, menopause symptoms, hormone balance, sleep and anxiety. Experience what it’s like to stop accepting issues with cycles as the norm and take the power back in your hands where it belongs. 

4. Inner Workout

Founder + CEO of self-care superbrand Inner Workout, Taylor Elyse Morrison set out to make perfecting the skill of self-care an actual thing. Through her popular podcast and self-care assessments, Taylor offers a support system for those who want to practice the art of self-care through custom guided inner-workouts. The brand also provides a curated collection of products to support customers’ wellbeing across each of the five dimensions that allow users to care for their whole selves: physical, energetic, mental and emotional, wisdom, and bliss. Workouts support a strong body, so it’s time we start using them to strengthen our minds. This is achieved through Inner Workout’s dedicated and personalized approach to making self-care something everyone can conquer. 

5. Junobie

The future of breast milk storage is here, with Junobie’s suite of eco-friendly, reusable products. From milk bags, boxes, trays, and jars, to personalized lactation services that offer help for anything related to breastfeeding, this is the resource mothers have been waiting for. After returning from her second maternity leave, Junobie Founder Nikeytha Ramsey found herself unhappy with the impractical options for breast milk storage. With the goal of simplifying the lives of women and their families, Junobie is truly transforming the experience of motherhood, one milk bag at a time. 

That’s a wrap on the five Black-owned health and wellness brands you need to know. Stay tuned as we close out the month of February on our social feed and blog for more brand spotlights in honor of Black History Month.

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