10 Books to Jumpstart 2023

January 23, 2023

If you’re ready to turn the page into the new year to begin the story of your best, healthiest self, then you’ve come to the right place. And what better way to jumpstart those efforts than by cracking open a few motivational reads? Not only will you find enjoyment within the pages, but reading a book for as little as six minutes per day can improve quality of sleep, reduce stress, and sharpen mental acuity. 

At Bolt PR, our agency team loves to soak up  knowledge and motivation – oh, and get lost in the occasional crime thriller or two. We even started our very own book club as another team bonding venture! So, take it from the avid readers at our PR, digital marketing and content agency – here are the top 10 books to jumpstart 2023. 

Self-Help and Health Books

  1. “The Power of a Humble Life” by Richard E. Simmons III: This deeply reflective book, written by the founder of The Center for Executive Leadership, Richard E. Simmons III, is about the simple principle of living with humility. For ages, life for humanity has been centered around what we’ve done and how successful we are. Today’s culture takes that mindset a step further with the power of social media, where we desire to be well known and admired for the things we’ve done. In this book, Simmons digs deep into the issue of pride and arrogance and then explores what is perhaps life’s great paradox, the power of humility, and how the simple practice of being humble can bring about our happiest and most fulfilled selves. 

  1. “You Don’t Owe Anyone” by Caroline Garnet McGraw: With a mission to trade perfectionism for possibility, author Caroline Garnet McGraw piggybacks off her viral essay with this collection of personal stories that invites perfectionists, workaholics, people-pleasers, and strivers to make surprising choices to help them get unstuck from the try-hard cycle. This book serves as the desperately needed wakeup call that jolts us out of our martyr mentality and inspires us to move in new, positive directions.

  1. “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies” by Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis: Finally, a book for those of us with no prior plant knowledge who are looking for alternative ways to help themselves or their families. This unique work features color pictures and extensive descriptions of over 181 common healing plants that can be used for over 500 powerful, natural remedies. Dr. Nicole Apelian, an herbalist with over 20 years of experience, and Claude Davis, a wild west expert passionate about the edible plants that kept our forefathers alive, dive into the healing medicines used for hundreds of years and also those that come from Dr. Apelian’s extensive natural practice. 

  1. “The Book of Moods: How I Turned My Worst Emotions Into My Best Life” by Lauren Martin: This timely and inspiring book shares Martin’s journey to enhance her life with a sense of peace and stability in a chaotic world. The author dives into the classic triggers every woman faces, from snide comments from your mother and the endless grind of your job, to those days when you wish the mirror had an Instagram filter. By seamlessly balancing witty anecdotes with scientific and effective forms of self-care, Lauren Martin has truly shown how transformation is possible and your best life is still ahead of you.

Business Books

  1. “People Buy You” by Jeb Blount: We all wish we could be more influential and persuasive at our jobs, and this book by Sales Acceleration Specialist Jeb Blount is ripping the bandaid off of the old ways of selling and showing how to form meaningful business relationships in a new way that help you close more deals and supercharge your career. Few written works in the business sphere have turned the topic of working interpersonal relationships from a frustrating process into easy, actionable steps that anyone in any type of career path can follow.

  1. “Conscious Creativity Workbook” by Philippa Stanton: It’s time to break out of your creative shell in 2023, and this stimulating workbook by renowned artist Philippa Stanton is going to help you do just that. This is the ultimate safe space to write, paint, sketch, tear or fold anything, as invited and encouraged by inspirational prompts. The great thing about prompts is that they serve as an open-ended method of communication, inviting those from any line of work to take risks and express themselves outside of their traditional way of thinking. This book is the road map to move your best self forward in a big and bold way, and we’re just thrilled to be the ones to suggest it. 

Fiction and Poetry Books

  1. “Complicit” by Amy Rivers: This 2021 PenCraft Book Award Winner is riveting and chilling to the bone in the best sense. No one is safe in this tangled web of deception, where forensic psychologist-turned high school psychologist Kate Medina is caught between her own traumatic past and the emotional present when one of the high school students disappears and leaves the school in crisis. When the case goes from a missing person to a homicide, Kate finds herself in the middle of a deadly and tumultuous situation she never expected. 

  1. “The Perfect Ones” by Nicole Hackett: Do we really control our online image, or does it control us? The Perfect Ones is a fast-paced thriller that dives deep into the dark side of social media, when three Instagram influencers travel to Iceland in what ends up being a deadly trip fraught with secrets and shifting loyalties. This novel brilliantly shows how there are two sides to everyone, even those you think you know, and perfection is never what it seems. 

  1. “Encyclopedia of a Broken Heart” by Jon Lupin, the Poetry Bandit: The Poetry Bandit strikes again with this heart-wrenching collection of poetry that won’t leave a dry eye. The book is cleverly organized in the format of an encyclopedia, with each letter of the alphabet including several poems on the theme of the word that begins with that letter. It’s about to get deep with emotional and inspiring poems that shake the reader to the core and show how loss and love intertwine in the most painfully gripping way.  

  1. “Shadow of the Moon” by M.M Kaye: If you’re a fan of romantic escape, you need to get your hands on a copy of Shadow of the Moon. Author M.M. Kaye takes us to the dazzling landscape of India during the time of the British Raj, where a beautiful English heiress has come home to her beloved India and finds the love of her life. This historical fiction work is bitter, sweet, and intoxicating in every sense and will leave you breathlessly turning page after page until the magnificent and unforgettable end.

While it takes a true bookworm to recommend top reads, it also comes in handy when our PR agency partners with authors to send their books flying off shelves and into consumers’ reading nooks. Authors, when you’re ready to get your book in front of the right audience at the right time, trust the experienced team that helped promote marriage-loving divorce attorney and author Nicole Sodoma with newsworthy angles on her insightful book, “Please Don’t Say You’re Sorry.” Our PR professionals blended electrifying media relationships with awareness, exposure and thought leadership to gain credibility and drive sales for Sodoma’s book, which is now a leading resource in the divorce reading category. Learn more about this uplifting read on a sensitive topic that helps to equip and prepare for the many trials of life. And no matter the topic of your story, let’s talk about how to capture readers and drive impact.

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