Please Don't Say You're Sorry: Why This Book Should Be Next on Your Reading List

January 19, 2023

January is the month of new beginnings, and while fresh starts can be times of joy and inspiration, they can also bring waves of change. And marriage is no exception. In fact, January is sometimes referred to as the “divorce month,” with the highest divorce rates occurring through the first few months of the new year. This doesn’t exactly call for champagne, but with the U.S. having the sixth highest divorce rate in the world, it just might be time to open the floor – or the right book – for discussion on this somewhat taboo topic to gain unique insight and perspective. 

Marriage-loving divorce attorney Nicole Sodoma is doing just that through her witty, honest and wildly relatable book, “Please Don’t Say You’re Sorry.” And as a Bolt PR client partner, our public relations team dove into the unique message of this book that guides readers through both the humorous and not-so-humorous realities of divorce. We’re shining a spotlight on Nicole Sodoma and sharing why this book should be next on your reading list.

Who is Nicole Sodoma?

Nicole Sodoma is a pioneer, rising to the top with integrity, intelligence and compassion through the often-dreaded field of family law. As Founder and Managing Principal of Sodoma Law, she has risen to prominence as a national authority on divorce, custody and co-parenting, and is a leading resource in the divorce reading category. In fact, Nicole never expected to go through a divorce herself, but by pulling from her personal stories and somewhat shocking experiences as a family law attorney of 25 years, she offers a uniquely raw perspective to guide readers through an overwhelming season with compassion, humor and legal expertise. 

A Self-Help Book That Makes You Think and Laugh

The self-help industry is booming and has doubled in size since 2013 with a compound annual growth rate of 11 percent. Readers are seeking stories and experiences that will motivate, inspire and ultimately help them on their journeys, and “Please Don’t Say You’re Sorry” does just that by reassuring readers that while divorce can be overwhelming, stressful and completely draining, it doesn’t have to be the worst thing that has ever happened to them. And whether one is going through a divorce or not, this book is an uplifting read on a sensitive topic that helps to equip and prepare for the many trials of life. From behind-the-scenes stories that will make your jaw drop to witty lines that have you laughing before you finish the page, Nicole’s book is the self-help guide to help you overcome 2023 and beyond.

A Gift of Encouragement When You Don’t Quite Have the Words

In times of sorrow and emotional pain, sometimes we simply don’t have the right words to say. Whether we’re talking to ourselves for a boost of motivation or longing to encourage a friend or family member, “Please Don’t Say You’re Sorry” is the perfect book to read or give to someone who could use a boost of hope through a challenging time. The empowering advice and unique family-law perspective Nicole offers is the perfect dose of inspiration and education that guides us through having those transparent, hard conversations. Not only is this book an uplifting read, it also provides practical steps and advice to make a change and grow through marriage, divorce or whatever life path may lie ahead. From reminding us that the people we marry are not the people we divorce, to the permission to simplify and let yourself “screw up,” Nicole gives the right dose of self help to conquer those twists and turns of life.

As you make your reading list for the new year, don’t forget to add this book by Nicole Sodoma. At Bolt PR, we have a track record of partnering with authors to capture readers and create page turning PR, digital marketing and content strategies to catapult book sales and drive brand recognition. Our team of experts serves as a partner in the promotion of must-read books that are set to change lives, and we can’t wait to join forces on your next project. Are you ready?

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