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Turn Consumers into Customers.

Gone are the days of a simple newspaper ad or “SALE” sign. The retail and franchise industry is booming in the digital age, and our experts are on the floor reaching customers in innovative ways that entice and delight rather than sell and persuade. Allow our digital marketing, content and PR experts to tell your story and develop brand ambassadors.

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We Drive Goods + Services.

In a time where shopping is synonymous with scrolling, our Bolt PR experts have what it takes to make your brand stand out from the rest. We’re designing storefront windows and styling mannequins in the digital age. With a cutting-edge digital marketing plan, content that tells a story consumers won’t dare put down, and killer PR strategy, we’re more than ‘good’ with driving sales of your goods and services. From scaling your business to generating buzz around your products, Bolt PR has it in the (shopping) bag.

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Digital Marketing

Give your company a surge of exposure by positioning your brand in front of the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Social Media Marketing
From strategy to execution, our expert social media managers will drive results across all channels.
Email Marketing + Automation
Stay in touch with your email list with our automated strategies that drive leads, clicks and conversions no matter where you are in your sales funnel.
Website Development
We build websites and landing pages that convert. Our web dev team makes sure your site is optimized to land qualified leads.


Meet your audiences where they are with a thoughtful and intentional content marketing strategy. Elevate your brand through our expert team of storytellers.

Marketing + Sales Collateral
Spotlight your products and services with captivating brochures, newsletters, e-books and more.
Web Copy
Website traffic is a must, but superb web copy that engages visitors is unforgettable.
Blog Posts + Guest Posts
Increase your brand’s visibility with thought-provoking blogs that align with your comprehensive marketing strategy.

Public Relations

More than brand management and press releases. Our PR team has a passion for public relations and a knack for driving stories that turn audiences into true believers.

Influencer Engagements + Activations
By providing product samples and curating experiences, you can create connections with the right influencers.
Proactive Media Relations
Strategic and proactive media relations drive company news and success stories in a meaningful way.
Partnerships + Events
Gain visibility and brand awareness through impactful speaking engagements, award recognition, partnerships, and events.