Why We Love PR

July 30, 2019

Public relations is often an industry that is misunderstood, leaving many people unaware of what PR professionals actually do day in and day out. We’re storytellers, event planners, social media experts and more – but that’s what makes PR so exciting! There’s an unending list of reasons we eat, sleep and breathe PR here at Bolt, but we’ve put together our top five below.

Be Impactful

 Brands and organizations come to public relations professionals to create brand awareness, which includes telling their stories in an authentic and interesting manner. We love hearing a brand’s genesis directly from those who built it because the passion that our clients have for their company ignites our passion to tell their story. Every company has a unique story to tell, and we thrive on finding the best way to share it with magazine readers, social media users, podcast listeners and more. 

Your Success is Our Success

 Nothing is more satisfying than landing an awesome media placement for your client. We love discussing target publications that our clients have on their radar, then strategically working toward securing those outlets. A successful media placement in a target publication can be incredibly impactful for a brand, and we love it, too!

Creativity is Key

 Companies and organizations come to us to create awareness for their brand with unique ideas that will set them apart from the rest. In PR, you have the opportunity to flex your creative muscles – how do you have your client stand out among others? How do you get editors to read your pitch? How do you have bloggers attend your event? The key is creativity. In PR, we’re able to share ideas, as small or big as they are, that we believe will make our clients stand out.

Never a Dull Moment

One thing is definite, you will never be bored in the public relations industry. There’s always a new pitch angle to try, event to be coordinated or media list to be researched. We love that our industry always has something new around the corner to explore!

Meeting New People

 In this industry, you have the opportunity to meet so many people from different backgrounds and industries which helps open your eyes to the diversity in our world. You could meet professionals with decades of experience, start-up founders, fashion bloggers turned mom bloggers, reporters, TV anchors and so much more. We’re always thrilled to meet and network with new people and learn more about their journeys! Are you ready to increase your brand’s visibility through public relations and digital marketing? Contact Bolt Public Relations at info@boltpr.com or call any of our offices in Dallas, Orange County, Pittsburgh or Raleigh and let’s get the conversation started!

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