Twitter Tipping, Lularich Docuseries and National Coffee Day | Bolt Trend Report

September 26, 2021

Social platforms like Twitter and Instagram are rolling out big changes with Twitter’s tipping option and Instagram’s kid safety features. Multilevel marketing company, LulaRoe is featured in a trending docuseries, and National Coffee Day is the perfect way to reenergize midweek! Let’s jump into the latest hot topics for more details.

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • National Coffee Day – Sept. 29
  • International Podcast Day – Sept. 30

 Trends You Should Know

  • Twitter opens up a tipping option as it pushes for creator monetization. In May, Twitter launched an initial test option for tipping with select users, and the platform has now rolled out the on-profile tipping option to all Twitters users. With this new feature, users can activate a tip jar button on their profile which facilitates direct donations from profile visitors. Payment providers like Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, Razorpay, GoFundMe and PicPay are all supported, offering a range of options to transfer money to others through the app. Twitter further aligns with crypto payment services by adding Bitcoin tips, allowing users to add their Bitcoin address to their payment options. No matter what app you use to send tips on Twitter, we hope you’ll have fun supporting your favorite creators with this trending feature.
  • Have you started the “LulaRich” documentary? This new Amazon docuseries explores the multilevel marketing company LulaRoe and uncovers the mystery behind how a company that sells patterned leggings became successful by targeting stay-at-home moms. Learn more about how the company’s “consultants” joined the movement to put their “family first” by bringing in extra income selling LulaRoe printed clothes. The company brought in $2.3 billion in sales in 2017, but it wasn’t long before scandals started to tarnish the business and allegations were made that LulaRoe was a pyramid scheme. The documentary includes the two co-founders, which adds unique insight into the company’s tactics. Check out the docuseries to learn more!
  • Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that the platform is putting a halt on the rollout of their Instagram for kids project. The social platform was working on a version of the app aimed at children but have decided to shift their focus to introducing features to better protect kids. A recent Wall Street Journal report with allegations that Instagram knew the app could have a harmful effect on teen girls is what sparked the pause on Instagram’s kids project. Now the app is working to add more parental controls to monitor and manage what kids are doing on the app. They’re also rolling out new features to address mental health for users of any age, including “take a break,” where users can pause their account for a period of time. We’re excited to see these Instagram improvements and will keep you posted as more features are introduced.
  • Perk up, because Wednesday, Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day! Whether you prefer your caffeinated beverage iced, hot or frothy, coffee shops across the nation are brewing up special deals in honor of National Coffee Day. This fun holiday is a time to enjoy a “cup of Joe” at your favorite café, restaurant or store, many of which are giving away free or discounted coffee on Wednesday. Starbucks is celebrating its 50th anniversary this Wednesday and invites customers to bring in a clean, empty, reusable cup to participating locations to receive a free cup of Pike Place Roast brewed coffee. Dunkin is offering a free coffee with purchase to its DD Perks members, and Wawa is giving away free coffee of any size at all locations. Wow, we feel a pep in our step just thinking about all these National Coffee Day perks!

Thanks for getting the scoop on the latest happenings and trends here on the Bolt Blog. We’ll see you next week for more exciting news.

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