Twitter Blue, Taylor Swift and Time Blocking | Bolt Trend Report

November 15, 2021

We’re so glad you stopped your scrolling to meet us here at the Bolt blog for this week’s trends! Speaking of scrolling, if you’ve ever found yourself going down the rabbit hole of social media news feeds, the new Instagram ‘Take a Break’ feature might be perfect for you. Whether you want to learn more about social app updates or are ready for a quick recap on the weekend of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album, we’ve got it all here for you.

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • National Philanthropy Day – Nov. 15
  • Apple Cider Day – Nov. 18
  • Thanksgiving – Nov. 25
  • Black Friday – Nov. 26

Must-Know Trends 

Twitter Blue

Have you ever wished you could retract a Tweet? Well, with Twitter’s latest subscription product, you can. Twitter Blue launched in the U.S. last week, and the service promises to make the platform more customizable. First, the subscription is $2.99 per month. Not a bad price, but what’s included? Ad-free articles, Top Articles, themes, customizable navigation, bookmark folders, a “Reader” mode for reading threads, and the coveted “undo button” for Tweets are all available with Twitter Blue. Whether you want to fix a typo or retract a Tweet, the option is now available. Twitter’s recent blog post says that the goal of Blue is to make Twitter “more frictionless,” which has some wondering why these improvements come at a cost. Either way, we’re excited to see the platform make much-desired updates. Retweet that! 

Instagram Take a Break Feature

The constant scroll. As social media experts and content creators, we get it. But, we’re still into the new ‘Take a Break’ feature that Instagram is testing. This new user wellbeing option will allow users to set reminders to take a moment away from the app after a certain period of activity. For example, you can choose to set a timer for after 10, 20 or 30 minutes of Instagram activity. Instagram even provides expert-backed tips on activities you can do during your social media break. This is similar to Facebook’s Quiet Mode that was launched last year. Quiet Mode pauses notifications, encouraging users to step away from the app. Although we love our social apps, features like Take a Break help us all to be more mindful of our social activity and prioritize our wellbeing. 

A Weekend of Taylor Swift

Attention, Swifties! Are your heads just swirling from the weekend of amazing music, nostalgic moments and a surprise new music video debut? It’s almost too much for one blog topic, but here we go! Breaking Spotify records, Taylor Swift re-released her 2012 album “Red” on Friday. She re-recorded the album since she did not own the master recordings to any of the songs on “Red.” This move gives Swift control over her work, and fans are ecstatic. Adding to the excitement, Swift appeared on SNL to perform the new version of her song “All Too Well.” Shortly after her SNL spotlight, Swifties were hit with yet another surprise. In a short Instagram and Twitter post, Swift teased the release of a music video for her song “I Bet You Think About Me.” The video directed by actress Blake Lively, premiered this morning. 


TikTok is giving advice on how to have a productive day. The concept of time blocking has gone viral, and the hashtag #timeblocking has racked in over 3.1 million views on the platform. Essentially, young social media users have brought back the method of blocking out time on a calendar in order to maximize productivity. Rather than a to-do list, time blocking encourages people to block out sections of the day for specific activities like family time, work, exercise and more. You can even allocate an hour of your day for social media use or sipping coffee over a FaceTime call. It’s not about what you do within that time frame, it’s about blocking it out in advance to avoid procrastination, stress and anxiety. We don’t know about you, but we recommend blocking out a chunk of time each Monday afternoon to visit the Bolt Trend Blog! Thanks for meeting us here on the Bolt Blog! We hope you’ll blast some Taylor Swift, “time block” your week and meet us back here next Monday for our Thanksgiving week trend report.

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