International Podcast Day: Top Podcast Recommendations from Our PR and Marketing Team

September 29, 2023

Who doesn’t love a great story? As PR and marketing experts, we know the power of podcasts to bring us the stories of leaders, innovators and great minds around the world.

Our Bolt PR team is celebrating International Podcast Day with a roundup of our top podcast recommendations. With topics ranging from entrepreneur success stories and the transformative power of tech, to the latest trends in business, workplace culture, the food and beverage industry and more, here’s why you should subscribe to these top podcasts:

The Pink Elephant with Chris Adams

Hosted by Chris Adams, managing partner of the consulting agency Ellis Adams Group, The Pink Elephant invites guests from diverse backgrounds to discuss topics ranging from leadership and entrepreneurship, to fashion, hospitality and all things lifestyle. Recent conversations include executive coaches discussing how fear impacts leadership and how to build courage to become a better leader, and entrepreneurs discussing the ups and downs of starting their own businesses and the pivotal moments that have impacted their success. Our own founder and president Caroline Callaway recently joined Chris for a wide-ranging conversation covering her journey of founding Bolt PR and the challenges faced along the way, the importance of a people-first approach to business, and much more. If you’re looking for real leadership stories, from the pitfalls to the successes, tune in to The Pink Elephant with Chris Adams.

Forbes Books Podcast

On the Forbes Books Podcast, legendary radio personality and producer Joe Pardavila explores the inspiring success stories of entrepreneurs and CEOs making a positive impact. From overcoming obstacles to building great companies from the ground up, Joe invites business leaders to share their insights and advice on achieving success. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or seeking to grow as a leader, this podcast is for you. Check out recent episodes for conversations about everything from how to find your purpose and what we can do to improve healthcare, to the enduring legacy of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the band’s opening act in the world of spirits.

The Main Course

According to Barbara Castiglia, host of The Main Course podcast and executive editor of Modern Restaurant Management, food is serious business. If you agree, like we do, then join Barbara for conversations with insiders on the front lines of the ever-changing restaurant industry. Learn more about strategies and industry forecasts from the experts themselves. Check out recent episodes that explore the power of franchising, tech innovations that customers want to see, and how to rise above the competition, even when you’re serving up the ultra-competitive classics like cheesesteaks and chicken wings.

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Are you looking for daily inspiration? Subscribe to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, where host Josh Elledge explores real stories from real people who have achieved entrepreneurial success. Through 15-20 minute episodes seven days a week, you can hear about challenges and successes across topics including leadership, funding, marketing, sales and more. From how to prioritize your well-being to understanding your why, The Thoughtful Entrepreneur explores everything you need to know for your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss this episode with our client Aaron Steffey, co-CEO of Propeller Bonds, for insights on building business partnerships and implementing digitization strategies, gleaned from his experience innovating the surety bonds industry.

QSR Uncut: A Podcast from QSR Magazine

Hosted by QSR magazine editors Danny Klein and Ben Coley, QSR Uncut takes a candid tour around the fast-food industry’s biggest challenges. With help from expert guests, Danny and Ben explore the future of the industry, with topics ranging from the plant-based revolution and how to scale through franchising, to the ever-evolving discipline of restaurant marketing and the staying power of favorites like tacos and ice cream. Hear from restaurant executives, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, including executives from beloved brands like El Pollo Loco and Pizza Hut, “Bar Rescue” star Jon Taffer, and NFL legend and restaurant chain co-owner Drew Brees.

The Digital Executive

If you’re looking for a daily dose of insights on emerging technology, subscribe to The Digital Executive podcast from Coruzant Technologies, the largest crowdsourced technology publication across the globe. Hosted by tech executive and influencer Brian Thomas, The Digital Executive invites technologists, CEOs from Silicon Valley to Dubai, startup CTOs and other experts to discuss the latest tech innovations and applications. From how the music industry leverages AI to improve the experience for consumers and musicians, to how new technology can bring energy savings to every home, tune in to The Digital Executive for wide-ranging conversations about the future of technology in our lives.

The Entrepreneur Way

For new ideas, insights and inspiration, tune in to The Entrepreneur Way. On each episode, host Neil Ball invites successful entrepreneurs to explore their journey, from their vision, mindset, commitment and sacrifice, to their failures and successes along the way. Learn how they overcame struggles before finding success, the big ideas that led to business growth, and ideas for the future, and check out each guest’s book recommendations and advice for other entrepreneurs. From how to build company culture to how to sell your business, The Entrepreneur Way explores a variety of topics on the entrepreneurial journey. 

HR Work Break

Hosted by Madeleine Collins, editor of HR Daily Advisor, HR Work Break explores the latest workplace trends and topics that are driving the world of human resources and people operations. Through conversations with HR professionals and business leaders, Madeleine explores topics such as the role of AI in recruiting, the future of employee benefits, the path to true exclusivity, and best practices for leaders during times of change. Subscribe to HR Work Break for everything you need to know about the future of the workplace.

When you’re searching for the next great story, we hope our list of top podcast recommendations can provide some inspiration. If you have a story to tell, contact our team of PR experts to discuss how we can help you share your story on podcasts and beyond.

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