TikTok frozen honey trend and the great Instagram algorithm reveal

August 8, 2021

TikTok creators are trying this sweet trend of frozen honey, pizza orders will soon be predicted by the local weather and Instagram is sharing a few insider secrets. Are you ready to catch up on the latest happenings? Let’s take a look.

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  • National Tell a Joke Day – August 16

 Trends You Should Know

  • The latest TikTok trend of eating frozen honey might not have the sweetest side effects. Creators are squirting honey into an empty bottle, placing it in the freezer and then squeezing the chunks of frozen honey into their mouth with reactions ranging from pure agony to sheer delight. The trend kicked off in early July with Dave Ramirez’s video and has recently gained buzz, earning about 900 million views. Health experts are now warning that eating large amounts of honey can be unhealthy and lead to stomachaches, sugar highs and blood sugar drops.
  • What do pizza and weather have in common? Pizza Hut plans to build AI technology that will recommend orders to customers based on the weather in their location. This machine learning program will help this restaurant chain tap into customer behavior and learn more about what their audience wants. This technology is still in the early stages of development, but we can’t help but wonder what type of pizza would go best with a rainstorm?
  • We’re living in an era of the positive review, and Amazon sellers are doing whatever it takes to keep their perfect star rating. You purchase a product on Amazon, give it a try and then leave a review. Simple, right? Maybe not. Some Amazon sellers are seeking out customers who leave bad reviews and begging them to remove their posts. They’re offering refunds and even saying they’d repay the customer twice just to have the review deleted.
  • Instagram is unveiling the curtain on how its Reels algorithm works. If you’ve been posting Instagram Reels and aren’t racking up the views, then here’s a bit of insider information on how you can maximize engagement and leverage Reels as a new growth opportunity. First, the platform broke down how it determines which Reels a user is likely to be interested based on four key factors: watch a Reel all the way through, like it, comment on it, go to the audio page to make your own Reel. Now let’s talk ‘reach.’ Instagram shared the secret sauce to their Reels reach algorithm (creators, take note)!
  1. Your activity: Which Reels have you liked, commented on and engaged with recently?
  2. Interaction History: What’s your history of interacting with the person who posted?
  3. Reel Information: Video understanding based on pixels and whole frames. Basically, an AI system determines what’s shown in each clip, and Instagram uses that to show you more similar content. Do you watch a lot of dog videos? Be prepared for Instagram to show you more!
  4. Information about the person posting: How have others interacted with the person who posted the Reel?

Thanks for catching up on the latest trends with us, and we look forward to meeting you back here on the blog next week.

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