Is CosMc’s Here to Stay? Laura Murphy Shares Her QSR Branding and Marketing Perspective

December 20, 2023

Will McDonald’s latest galactic new venture in the $100 billion customizable drink and coffee market make a CosMc’s splash? With 10+ years industry experience in QSR and FSR branding, digital marketing and local event activations, including work with major chains like McDonald’s, where she helped launch the McCafé sub brand, Chick-fil-A, Chuy’s Tex Mex and others, Bolt PR’s Senior Vice President Laura Murphy shares her unique perspective on the newest small format concept. 

Laura reacts to McDonald’s recent CosMc’s announcement and provides insightful analysis of the new spinoff, emphasizing how the DNA of McDonald’s will still be deeply rooted in fast casual convenience, now with its own unique personality in the customizable drink and coffee market. She also discusses the potential impact of the social media-driven market landscape, recognizing that with nearly 20,000 CosMc’s followers to date on TikTok, curious viewers will be turning to social media to help inform their initial opinions.

Watch Laura’s full video response on MarketScale.QSR

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