Netflix Ads, Fundraising Reels & BeReal | Bolt Trend Report

April 25, 2022

As April winds down, the trending topics are gaining momentum. From a photo sharing app that says ‘no’ to filters and Reels that raise money to a new world of Netflix where ads interrupt your binging habits. Don’t touch that dial, because we’re breaking it all down for you on this week’s Trend Report.

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Must-Know Trends


Reels for a Cause

Meta is changing the way social apps support special causes with the addition of fundraisers in Reels. Last week, Meta announced that this new feature is available in over 30 countries, providing a way for users to donate and create fundraisers for more than 1.5 million nonprofits directly in Reels. A social app that once only existed for connection and entertainment is now an easy tool to better the world through fundraising. We’re loving how the social giant covers all donation processing fees so that all the money raised goes directly to the organization in need. If you’re ready to support a cause that’s near to your heart, just add the details and a donation link during the Reels creation process.

Netflix Ads are on the Horizon

We interrupt this Bolt Trend Report to let you know that soon your Netflix streaming binges will include commercials. After the streaming platform announced its first-quarter 200,000 subscriber loss and a stock plunge of around 25 percent, the company will test incorporating ads into a lower-tier subscription option. The streamer that has been notoriously against running ads is working on a strategy to incorporate commercials. In good news, this may offer an even lower subscription price for ad-tolerant viewers. As the streaming wars continue, we’ll wait to see how long it takes for Netflix to roll out the ads and usher in more viewers.

Financial Education in the Metaverse

Popular brands are leaping into the metaverse, from Wendy’s to Heineken, but now there’s a way to gain financial education in the virtual world. That’s right, popular brokerage firm Fidelity is setting up shop with The Fidelity Stack in Decentraland. With a goal of teaching consumers about investing, stocks and other financial topics, users can explore the virtual plot, which includes a dance floor, while learning exchange-traded fund (ETF) investing basics. The metaverse is becoming a well-rounded space where consumers can try on a pair of Nikes, grab a beer and learn investing fundamentals.

BeReal Social App

A dare to be more authentic on social media is the challenge that this photo-sharing app is proposing. With a name like BeReal, it’s no wonder the purpose is to share unfiltered photos that are more genuine and spur-of-the-moment. According to the platform that was founded in 2019, BeReal offers "a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life." How does it work? Essentially, the app sends a notification of a two-minute posting window each day, where users can quickly snap a pic of what they’re doing without any notice to stage the perfect scene. And, you guessed it, no photo editing or filters are allowed. This all sounds pretty real, and our digital marketing pros are keeping a genuine eye on the buzz.

Twitter Bans Climate Change Ads

On the heels of Earth Day, the news of Twitter’s recent ban of climate change ads seems timely. Twitter says it will no longer allow misleading advertisements that deny climate change on the platform. In a blog post, Twitter said, "We believe that climate denialism shouldn't be monetized on Twitter, and that misrepresentative ads shouldn't detract from important conversations about the climate crisis.” The goal is to put the false claims to a stop, but whether these users will be banned from the social app or not is still a mystery.The week is off to a fast start with the news of Reels for a cause, Netflix commercials, Fidelity entering the metaverse, an authentic social platform and Twitter cracking down on climate change. There’s no sign of things slowing down, so we’re grabbing another cup of coffee and bracing for the week ahead. Click over to our social pages, and find us here next Monday for more updates.

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