How to Relieve Stress: Brands to Restore Health and Wellness

April 12, 2023

Is your 9 to 5 all work and no play? When there’s no time to recharge, re-energize and refresh, employees are left running on fumes. Productivity suffers and overall employee wellbeing plummets. Workplaces that move health and wellness from the nice-to-have column to the must-have list are leading the charge toward healthy work cultures and happier team members. 

At Bolt PR, we understand the importance of wellness in the workplace, which is why we kicked off our Bolt Balance program to make wellness a top priority. Bolt PR Senior Vice President Laura Murphy and PR Director Matalee Shambley launched our first-ever virtual wellness retreat where all team members were invited to step away from the work tasks of the day and join together for professionally led sessions meant to recenter and equip our team with wellness techniques to combat stress and burnout. The results were amazing, and now we’re all excited to continue making wellness a focus every day. To accomplish this, we’re sharing how we relieve stress with the help of our favorite brands to restore health and wellness.

Take a look at the top 10 resources we call on when it’s time to make physical, mental and spiritual health our number one focus:


Bala is all about functional fitness equipment. With core values that include terms like playful, design-led, inclusive and boundaryless, Bala is breaking the mold in fitness equipment. Instead of working out in a space that is full of pressure, serious vibes and exclusionary undertones, this brand entered the fitness scene in 2018 to bring the joy back into the world of exercise. Traditional weights that are stuffed in a closet are out of sight, out of mind, but Bala designs are sleek and beautiful, making them ideal to leave out in the living room, which will likely spark more use. Wireless, aesthetically pleasing, made for everyone and designed to inspire play, Bala is on our list for the perfect workout routine, anytime, anywhere. 

Evolve You 

Are you ready for an award-winning app that is made to transform your fitness journey every step of the way? Evolve You offers programs with world-class trainers. Whether you’re craving cardio, strength training, conditioning, yoga, HIIT or another preferred workout, this app has it all. We love how each plan in the app includes a seven-day free trial so you can become fully acclimated to the program before subscribing. Also, the community of subscribers is made up of real women who share real success stories. Get your daily workout on with Evolve You and watch your health evolve. 


Helimix is shaking things up in the fitness world. Say goodbye to clumpy smoothies, because Helimix uses innovative mixing technology to blend ingredients to perfection. With the hexagonal design, there’s a vortex blending everything up into one delicious drink without whisks or screens. That’s right, the cup is engineered with only two parts – the cup and the lid. Think about how many more healthy drinks you’ll actually make knowing that you don’t have an entire kit of pieces to wash afterward. Helimix is simple and durable and ready to supercharge your fitness goals, one shake at a time. Cheers to that!


These are the fitness shoes that kick excuses to the curb. NOBULL shoes are made for those who are ready to work hard and never take no for an answer. With millions of athletes repping the brand across the world, the community is fierce. From first responders and military to medical professionals and beyond, NOBULL is for the go-getters. The reflective knit running shoes are ideal for those who hit the pavement before daylight, and the trail runners are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. From shoes to socks, hats, sunglasses and even dog collars, NOBULL is a brand that makes us feel strong. 


If you’re trying to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, maybe something like cutting out soda feels like a daunting task. With OLIPOP you can still get the bubbly, nostalgic soda flavors you love in a healthy tonic drink. OLIPOP not only tastes delicious, but it supports digestive health through prebiotics which are the perfect fuel for probiotics that naturally exist within the digestive tract. Backed by research, the founders leaned on the science to source ingredients, such as cassava root, chicory root and nopal cactus, to improve digestive health. All of this is in an extensive flavor lineup that includes Cherry Cola, Banana Cream, Classic Root Beer, Vintage Cola, Tropical Punch and more. Pop open a cold one and get healthy! 


These plant-powered supplements are sure to energize your day with a caffeine-free kick. OLLY is on a mission to tear down the stigma of struggling with mental wellbeing through partnership, community action and customer engagement. When it comes to their supplements, it’s all about providing a specific benefit. From targeting stress, happiness, sleep, immunity, brain, eyes, joints, hair and so much more, OLLY makes a way to put self-care first, and we are here for it. 

Pink Stork

Pink Stork is the wellness brand for women to personalize supplement regimens. Offering customized support for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, nursing and more, this brand is all  about being there for your motherhood journey. Through their easy online quiz, Pink Stork analyzes your stage of life, ailments and desired supplement form to determine the right wellness regimen that works specifically for you. Using clean ingredients, their regimens include a probiotic and a multivitamin as well as Monolaurin to cleanse the body of bad bacteria. A proud women-owned and women-run company, Pink Stork is helping women through all stages of motherhood.

Alive App

Alive is led by experienced trainers Whitney Simmons and Libby Christensen. The app features workouts to suit all preferences and lifestyles. From three-minute workouts to 90-minute routines, Alive is helping beginners and experts alike through its many programs. It includes video demonstrations, exercise descriptions and target muscle groups as well as analytics to track weight, reps and weight history. Beyond physical programs, the app has a gratitude journal complete with reminders to prompt users to express gratitude throughout the day. Start your mental and physical wellbeing path with a seven-day free trial, and feel alive!


With a mission of inclusivity and a commitment to customers, Vitality is more than a fitness clothing brand. Their inspired athleisure wear is stylish, comfortable and stays true to the brand’s ethics and sustainability standards. For instance, Vitality products are shipped in recyclable packaging that has double seals, allowing customers to return or exchange items without creating more waste. From cozy lounge sets to their reengineered Ascend II fabric that has anti-odor technology and durable construction, their apparel is perfect for a morning sweat or a casual trip out on the town. 


It’s time to get zen with a sensory yoga experience that’s accessible to all. YogaSix offers classes in a variety of six core focus areas, which hone in on different elements such as strength, flexibility, balance, agility and more. Whether you’re into hot yoga or a recovery class to help you slow down, YogaSix delivers a flow for everyone. This franchise has locally owned and operated studios across the country, making the mind-body experience an option for when you’re in your hometown or traveling.

Whether your team is amped up to roll out a virtual (or in-person) wellness retreat, or you’re ready to make employee wellness a top priority, we hope you’ll check out a few of these brands that are sure to kickstart your health journeys. Or, if you own a brand in the health and wellness space and want to amplify your message to support more people in reaching their wellness goals, our PR, digital marketing and content creation team has the expertise and experience to grow your business. Let’s team up and make it happen today.

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