Flying Camera, KFC Buckquet and Instagram Pins | Bolt Trend Report

May 2, 2022

Welcome to the beautiful month of May, where flowers are in bloom and both the bees and trending topics are buzzing. This week, the Bolt Trend Report just might have you gifting your mom a delicious fried chicken bouquet this Mother’s Day or stepping into the future with a flying camera courtesy of Snapchat. From the surprising to the intriguing, let’s review the latest trends.  


  • Star Wars Day – May 4
  • Cinco de Mayo – May 5
  • Kentucky Derby – May 7
  • Mother’s Day – May 8



Last week, TikTok launched a way for brands to create augmented reality (AR) effects within the app. These new AR tools are available within TikTok’s Effect House, the hub for video creators. So, how does this all work? Essentially, brands can create AR effects via Camera IQ without the need of any computer coding, making AR more accessible. Brands can further engage fans on the video platform with trending AR content for a fun experience that has the potential to reach more consumers. Cosmetics brand Smashbox, for example, created a TikTok AR effect to promote a new product line, which garnered a 50% engagement rate in only 10 days!


Nothing says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ like a bouquet of…fried chicken? Well, according to KFC, moms will love the Kentucky Fried Buckquet, a floral arrangement of flowers and fried chicken. If you want to get in on the action, preorder a KFC Sides Lovers Meal for delivery or pickup, and you’ll receive a promo code for a free DIY kit from Proflowers that includes all the essentials to build this beautifully tasty ‘Buckquet.’ With Mother’s Day being KFC’s biggest day for online ordering and delivery, this digital preorder campaign is sure to spice things up and generate a little buzz.


Have you been following the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial? The latest news to break from the case is that Heard reportedly dropped her PR firm in the midst of Depp’s defamation trial against her. On Sunday, news broke that she fired her crisis PR firm due to a number of bad headlines and press. Heard’s switch to a new PR team just days before she’s set to testify is a bold move. Sources say that she’s fed up with the negative headlines and portrayal of her story. Our PR pros here at Bolt, are interested to see if her new PR agency turns things around in the court of public opinion.


An Instagram grid is a work of art. Color schemes, posting patterns and the overall look take thought and care. Now, Instagram is testing pinned posts, which may throw a new layer into users’ grids. Currently, this feature is in ‘test mode’ with certain users having access to pin posts to their grid profile. Pinned posts are nothing new on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, but now Instagram is making it easier for creators to highlight certain content without asking followers to scroll in search of it.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Snapchat’s flying camera!? The future is here, folks, and Snapchat is reminding us of that with its new selfie drone, Pixy. This small device fits in the palm of your hand and takes off into flight, capturing video that is sent back to Snapchat. Available for $230, this drone is small, light and has no controller. Are you ready for some stellar video footage with the new Pixy?

This week, the trending topics are giving us a taste of the future, with a flying camera, new AR effects and Instagram pinned posts. From the digital age to the headline-topping PR firm breakup, we’re glad you joined us on the blog for your Monday scoop. Meet us here next Monday for more. Oh, and in case we don’t see you before Wednesday, “May the 4th be with you.”

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