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October 31, 2021

If you snuck some Halloween candy for breakfast, you’re not alone. We’re running on a sugar high and jumping into a new month filled with trending topics and news. From the metaverse that is Facebook to exciting Stories news for all Instagram users, we have a list of trending topics that are calling your name. Let’s take a look at the latest.

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • Stress Awareness Day – Nov. 3
  • Daylight Saving Day – Nov. 7
  • Veterans Day – Nov. 11
  • World Kindness Day – Nov. 13

 Must-Know Trends 

Facebook Rebrands to Metaverse

The next stage of digital connection is here, according to Facebook. Late last week, the social media giant announced its new corporate title, ‘Meta.’ In the company’s rebrand mission, Meta will be the new overarching name that will encompass the Facebook apps and other brand identities you’ve come to know and love over the years. Facebook explained that Meta is the next evolution in a line of social technologies, opening a new chapter for the brand. With this new company name, the business structure will be split into two segments: The ‘Family of Apps’ and ‘Reality Labs,’ which covers its VR and AR technologies. On December 1st, Facebook will change its stock ticker from ‘FB’ to ‘MVRS.’What does this mean for you?Although the new name reveal doesn’t seem to have a great impact on users’ daily interactions on the platform, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will now be “metaverse-first, not Facebook-first.” This means that in the future, you won’t need a Facebook account to access other services. Zuckerberg explains more of the new vision in a founder’s letter. We’re excited to follow the news of Facebook’s rebranding and will keep you updated on our blog as other stories unfold.

Instagram Links in Stories Available to All Accounts

Now you don’t have to be a social influencer or have a huge following to share links in your Instagram Stories. This is good news for Instagram users everywhere! Links in Stories were originally only available to verified accounts or those with 10k followers, but Instagram listened to their community that said they wanted to be able to share things that matter with their friends. Regardless of your account size, you now have a place to share your interests. In August, Instagram shifted from the ‘swipe-up’ to link sticker for Stories. Now, all users can access the link sticker. This recent change shows the strong emphasis the brand is placing on video content. Also, Zuckerberg shared that Reels is the “primary driver of engagement growth on Instagram.” With the growing potential of Reels and Stories, we’re eager to learn of more expanding features.

A ‘Black Hole’ Discovered on Google Maps

Have you ever explored the sights of Google Maps? One Reddit user shows us why this virtual map might be worth examining. On the Google Maps subreddit, the user posted what appeared to be a black hole, saying “this looks nothing like an island.” Other users chimed in, saying it could be a secret military base or some other censored location. One person suggested it was an underground volcano. The appearance of the black spot continued to spark curiosity until it was revealed that the mysterious hole is actually Vostok Island, which lies northeast of New Zealand. Although there’s an explanation to this ‘black hole’ spotting, Google Maps consistently sparks online debates for those curious digital explorers.

Pinterest Live Shopping in Time for the Holidays

Pinterest jumps on board the live shopping trend just in time for the holidays. Pinterest TV, the new shoppable live series, boosts the platform’s e-commerce game. Debuting on November 8th, Pinterest TV will showcase episodes that air Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. ET on iOS and Android. Each episode will showcase a creator from the platform on topics ranging from fashion to food. Every Friday, the episodes will turn into a shopping show where viewers can purchase different brand’s exclusive products at a special discount. You can even ask questions in the chat and interact with the host during these live shows! Are you ready for these live shopping experiences? Click the TV icon in the top-left corner of the Pinterest app. to get started.We’re thrilled you met us here on the Bolt Blog for the latest trending topics. We hope to see you next Monday for more exciting news!

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