Bolt Trend Report - Week of Nov. 23

November 22, 2020

Happy Monday, everyone, and since we won’t see you on the blog until afterwards, happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re at home hosting dinner or traveling to safely see loved ones, we hope you have an amazing day and enjoy the time together. Since the tryptophan might make you sleepy this week, here’s what you need to know in advance!

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • Thanksgiving – Nov. 26
  • Black Friday – Nov. 27
  • Small Business Saturday – Nov. 28
  • Cyber Monday – Nov. 30
  • National Eat a Red Apple Day – Dec. 1
  • Probably for the best after Thanksgiving…
  • Hanukkah – Begins at sundown Dec. 10

Trends You Should Know

  • Get your DVRs set to record because another nostalgic movie will be reimagined for a live television showing – this time, it’s Christmas classic “The Grinch!” Airing on Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. EST live from the Troubadour Theatre in London, the cast will include big names like Matthew Morrison from “Glee” as ‘The Grinch.’ Turn into your local NBC station to watch!
  • Paint company Sherwin-Williams is getting backlash this week after firing a part-time store employee and Ohio University student because of posts on his viral TikTok channel. Featuring paint mixing videos recorded while on the clock, Tony Piloseno and his channel amassed an impressive 1.2 million followers over the span of a couple months. Piloseno states that he was just sharing the love of his job with his followers and marketing paint to a younger audience. However, from the paint giant’s perspective, since the videos were filmed on company time and with company equipment, Tony broke policy and had to be swiftly taken off payroll. What do you think – could Sherwin-Williams have gone a different route or was Piloseno in the wrong?
  • The star dish on the table this Thursday is of course turkey, but what do you do when the main entrée is your least favorite protein? Uber Eats teamed up with Popeyes to help that very problem. The chicken restaurant is releasing a new “Churkey” meal as an online and in-app promotion for Thanksgiving that contains an eight-piece family meal with one large side and four biscuits for $19.99. The real showstopper? The bright orange turkey-shaped container that you can also use as a centerpiece.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll see you back on the blog next Monday!

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