Cracker Jack, Pixel Cola & Multisearch | Bolt Trend Report

April 11, 2022

Today’s blog just might have you humming “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” all day, and you’ll find out why! From Cracker Jack to a kid-friendly metaverse, pixel-flavored cola and a new intuitive way to Google search, the trending topics are hot. Wish your pet a happy National Pet Day, and let’s start scrolling through the latest.

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • Stress Awareness Month
  • National Pet Day - April 11
  • Easter - April 17 
  • Tax Day - April 18 

Must-Know Trends

Child-Friendly Metaverse

Adults have been jumping into the metaverse with a slew of new enticements from popular beer companies to luxury car brands. Now, the metaverse has a space just for kids, thanks to the Lego Group and Epic Games. This partnership is making it possible for kids to explore the wonders of the metaverse in a safe space that is age appropriate. Lego is no stranger to the digital world with its 1997 Lego Island video game release and the introduction of 85 video games since then. Keeping up with tech trends, Lego fans can now enjoy a new level of creativity and collaboration through a safe digital experience.

Pixel-Flavored Cola

Coca-Cola is continuing to tease taste buds and top headlines with a new flavor launching out of its Creations platform. That’s right, the beverage company that brought you the space-flavored cola Starlight is here with a drink that is meant to elicit the flavor of pixels. Zero Sugar Byte is another one of Coke’s limited-flavor launches that serves as a step further into the digital space. Along with the vintage-style graphics on the packaging, Zero Sugar Byte includes a scannable label that links to an augmented reality (AR) game. This clever branding method is a tasty way for Coca-Cola to continue appealing to the gaming community.

Google’s Multisearch

When you don’t have the words, Google does. We all know the feeling of a word or description hanging on the tips of our tongues, just out of reach. You know, the times when you’ve hovered over the keyboard, trying to think of the best way to search for the answer to a question you can’t quite articulate? Well, Google’s Multisearch is here to save the day. This new feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people find what they’re attempting to search. Last week, Google introduced Multisearch as a way to use photos and text simultaneously to search through more intuitive means. How does this all work? In one example, Google explained how searchers can simply snap a photo of their rosemary plant and add the query “care instructions.” Boom. Through a quick photo and a couple words, answers are at your fingertips.

Cracker Jack to Cracker Jill

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” might have a new ring to it with the rollout of the limited-edition Cracker Jill packaging. Dating back to 1896, Cracker Jack has been synonymous with baseball with a huge portion of sales being generated from sports venues. To better reflect the current sports demographic, the company is bringing better representation of women with the five new Cracker Jill packages. This marks the first time in 125 years that Frito-Lay, Cracker Jack’s parent company, showcased a new mascot on the infamous packaging.Now that we’ve got you humming an old tune and craving a sip of the newest Coca-Cola flavor, we’ll leave you to your week. Don’t forget to check out the child-friendly metaverse and explore searching in a more intuitive way on Google’s Multisearch! We look forward to meeting you back here next Monday for another Trend Report.

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