Client Spotlight: Yogurtland

June 7, 2023

We’ve prepared something extra special for your sweet tooth this National Frozen Yogurt Month, and you’ll want to relish every bite. According to research, over one third of Americans reach for indulgent snacks like candy, chocolate and other sugary treats when their bodies crave it most in the evening. Still, studies also point to over half of consumers saying that healthy eating is a top priority. This metaphorical Venn Diagram intersects where the indulgent meets the nourishment, and that’s where Yogurtland comes in.

As the authentic pioneer of self-serve frozen yogurt, Yogurtland answered the desperate plea for cleaner dessert options that are as good for your body as your taste buds. 

A Sweet History

Yogurtland Founder Phillip Chang embarked on a quest to grant the masses a tantalizing adventure like no other. After immigrating to the U.S., Chang unveiled his first business venture, an enchanting boba tea shop, but his entrepreneurial spirit sensed a frozen revolution in the making due to the growing trend of frozen yogurt at that time. He saw endless creative possibilities and re-branded the shop in 2006, incorporating a unique self-serve concept and the ability for the consumer to take control of their creative experience. 

This concept had immense potential, as it allowed customers to decide on the portion of frozen yogurt they wanted to consume, as well as how many toppings to add. Yogurtland developed a price structure based on the weight of the item, not the number of toppings or which flavor was selected, and the concept quickly gained popularity. 

Soon, Yogurtland's fame spread far and wide, and since its inception, Yogurtland has become a global success with locations around the world and new authentic flavors being introduced regularly. 

Dessert But Better

Through Yogurtland, frozen yogurt has emerged as the champion of guilt-free desserts. Devoted to sourcing real ingredients, every delicious spoonful is the way nature intended it. Their premium yogurt base, lovingly crafted at their own dairy, is antibiotic-free and brimming with live and active cultures, which are proven to boost gut health. But what truly sets Yogurtland apart is the alchemy of flavor developed by its revered Flavorologists, who weave their mastery into each unique creation. 

Yogurtland is spinning up delicious swirls of flavor that fill our lives with sweetness and our bellies with goodness. Now that’s “trusting your gut” - pun very much intended.

Options That Match Your Dietary Preferences 

According to findings from a recent survey, more than 4 in 10 Americans now follow some kind of nutrition rule(s) in their diet. With this ongoing consumer trend, Yogurtland saw an opportunity to craft delightful concoctions for every dietary need. Plant-based enthusiasts can enjoy dairy-free creations, while those seeking a gluten-free treat can find an array of flavors and toppings specially crafted to accommodate their needs. And for those on a quest to lower their sugar intake, Yogurtland has unveiled its no-sugar-added options. 

In addition, Yogurtland has made its mission clear - that it is committed to innovating flavors and ingredients, ensuring every customer’s needs are met. Now it’s easier than ever to satisfy every craving with a frozen yogurt brand that leaves no dietary preference behind. 

Eat Froyo, Make Memories

There’s always a reason to enjoy a stop at or delivery from Yogurtland. Whether it’s for date night, after the big game or treating yourself and your family to a much-needed break in your busy day, any time is a great time for froyo. 

With over 220 locations spread across nine U.S. states and five countries around the world, it’s even easier to experience Yogurtland’s one-of-a-kind roster of flavors.  We can’t end without mentioning Yogurtland’s extensive advocacy and social responsibility. Leaders have embraced the power of love, joy and hope and developed Yogurtland Cares, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women and children in need. 

So as families gather, laughter resonates and memories are etched in the heart, Yogurtland stands as more than just a dessert; it's a conduit of togetherness and a beacon of spreading love and compassion, one spoonful of frozen yogurt at a time.

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