CES 2022 Updates and More | Bolt Trend Report

January 9, 2022

The future is here, and we’re unpacking the highlights, launches and jaw-dropping technology introductions from CES 2022. As our team monitored the innovation of the showcase, we continue to have our finger on the pulse of the latest trending topics that are topping headlines. From TikTok taking over screens to Oreo Cakesters making a nostalgic return, we have all the must-know updates to start your week.

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 Must-Know Trends:

CES 2022

CES 2022 was a look into the future of technology with the world’s most innovative tech trade show. Although the conference was planned to have a strong physical presence with hybrid options, omicron took things a different direction at the last hour. With keynote speakers and companies pulling out of the show or adjusting plans to attend virtually, CES 2022 was still a major success with big announcements and product launches that did not disappoint.First up, the first consumer Quantum Dot OLED TV was launched by Sony. This technical jargon basically means that this TV will display impressive color and brightness characteristics of quantum dot technology. In addition, the TV will come equipped with built-in cable management, variable refresh rate and more top-of-the-line hardware. Next, if you’re ready to feel like you’re driving a spaceship while computing, then Razer’s Project Sophia is a concept you’ll love. This jaw-dropping concept transforms a desk into a high-tech console by fitting a computer right into the desk. Now, in smart home news, Whirlpool capitalized on the air fryer craze by adding an update to their line of smart ovens that acts as an air fryer. In automotive highlights, BMW is making waves with the introduction of its color-changing paint. If that’s not futuristic, then we don’t know what is!For a closer look at the hottest trends and launches from CES 2022, check out our Bolt CES Showcase on Bolt TV. 

TikTok Viral Videos Displayed on More Screens

In the TikTok world, sharing is definitely caring. We send TikToks via text or pass our phones to show someone the latest viral clip, but now TikTik content is hitting screens in a new way. In a new partnership with video provider Atmosphere, TikTok content will be displayed on TVs in locations like restaurants, bars, gyms and more. This takes TikTok creators to a new level with more exposure. This specific channel on Atmosphere will have the feel of the TikTok brand with the entertainment fans have come to love. We can’t wait to see what other venues begin featuring TikTok on their screens. Before we know it, we’ll be lounging in the doctor’s office waiting room laughing at the latest viral video.

Farewell to the BlackBerry

Last week, BlackBerry said its final farewell. As of January 4th, your old BlackBerry phone will no longer function. A new operating system hasn’t been released for the phone in years, and now, its functions are completely done. The beautiful clicks of the keys that said “I’m a very important person,” and the ability to type an entire email with just one hand were just a couple of the features BlackBerry users adored. Celebrities helped catapult the phone’s popularity, and Oprah’s induction of the BlackBerry 710fT into her 2005 ‘favorite things’ was all the device needed to skyrocket to the top. If you still have an old BlackBerry in a shoebox under the bed, it might be time to say your final goodbyes and move on to iOS or Android.

Oreo Gets Nostalgic with Blockbuster

Oreo is celebrating the return of Oreo Cakesters by teaming up with the last standing Blockbuster. Do you remember the beloved Cakesters by Nabisco? The delicious Oreo cookie in a soft fluffy form is coming back, and we are here for it. It launched in 2007 and was discontinued only five years later. In true 2000s fashion, Oreo is taking over the last remaining Blockbuster store to welcome Cakesters back to the shelves (at select retailers, that is). Cakesters-themed movie posters cover Blockbuster’s walls for a true brand takeover. If you want to partake in this ‘rewind to 2007’ celebration, you can find your nearest retail location here. Whether you’re leaving the Bolt blog craving Oreos or missing your BlackBerry, we’re glad you jumpstarted your week with us. Let’s meet here next week for the next round of trending topic updates and news.

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