Building A Culture of PR Agency Success with Caroline Callaway

October 3, 2023

Our president and founder Caroline Callaway joins host Chris Adams to discuss her journey of founding Bolt PR and the challenges faced along the way, industry insights on remote work and partnerships, the importance of a people-first approach to business, and much more on this episode of The Pink Elephant podcast. 

Caroline shares her experience building community and a culture of success within our integrated PR and digital marketing agency, and how she learned to adapt and stay focused on our people even in a remote working environment. As Caroline has learned, the benefits of this people-first approach extend externally and lay the foundation for achieving what has always been the vision for Bolt PR: doing great work and delivering real impact for our clients.

Caroline and Chris also dive into what it means to be a partner instead of a vendor, with transparency and trust, working together to achieve common goals. For Bolt PR, successful partnerships involve providing the right people and expertise for every engagement and aligning on measures of success before the work even begins. 

Listen to the full conversation here:

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