Bolt Trend Report - Week of Jan. 18

January 18, 2021

Happy Tuesday, everyone – we were off yesterday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We’re excited to kick off another great week with the trends you need to know. With Inauguration Day tomorrow, we know you have a busy week ahead of you – we’ll spare the details and get right into it!

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • Inauguration Day – Jan. 20
  • National ‘Have Fun at Work’ Day – Jan. 28
  • Groundhog Day – Feb. 2
  • Super Bowl Sunday – Feb. 7

Trends You Should Know

  • I have gotten some slack for this in the office, but it’s well known that I am a massive fan of “The Muppets” and all things Muppet related. For fanatics like myself, Disney Plus is here to bring some cheer and will be adding all five seasons of “The Muppet Show” to its streaming library on Friday, Feb. 19! While the first three seasons have aired on CBS previously, this will be the first-time seasons four and five will be available to stream. Already getting my popcorn ready!
  • NYC hospitals are trying a different avenue to try to reach young audiences for COVID-19 tests. For the first time ever, NYC Health + Hospitals, the umbrella group for all of the 11 public hospitals and over 70 community clinics in New York City, is working with influencers to get the word out about how simple and quick it is to get tested for COVID-19. The company and their team chose to team up with “uniquely New York” influencers like ballet dancer Misty Copeland, former Miss USA and ‘Extra” correspondent Chelsie Kryst and even dog influencer dup, The Doogie Days. Preliminary results from the campaign are promising – New York City saw more than 100,000 residents get tested on several days in early January.
  • Have you ever forgotten about a pot of pasta on the stove and completely burned it? (We’re speaking from experience…) If so, Barilla has created a fool-proof plan to make sure your timing results in perfect “al dente” pasta. The pasta brand has created a series of Spotify playlists that are exactly as long as it takes to cook certain types of pasta. The eight playlists including “Boom Bap Fusilli,” “Moody Day Linguine” and more combine pop, hop hop, indie and oldies tunes for a “spaghetti soundtrack.” Happy cooking!
  • While we prefer not to talk about politics on this blog, with Inauguration Day this week, it’s hard not to. With a build-up of tension over the past couple weeks, we’ll keep it to this: we hope for a civil and smooth transition of power and are optimistic about what the future has in store for 2021. In terms of the actual inauguration ceremony, a new tradition has been created in light of COVID-19. In place of those who would have traveled to the ceremony in past years, a “Field of Flags” art display has been installed on the National Mall featuring 56 pillars of light and nearly 200,000 flags, representing the 50 states and additional U.S. territories.

We hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and we’ll see you back on the blog on Monday!

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