Bolt Trend Report - Week of Dec. 14

December 13, 2020

Happy Monday, everyone, and happy holidays! The season of giving is in full swing, with Hanukkah ending this Friday, Dec. 18, and Christmas and Kwanzaa coming up in two weeks. If you haven’t purchased your holiday gifts yet, major shipping companies like UPS and FedEx recommend purchasing online items or shipping your presents by this Wednesday, Dec. 16 to ensure they’ll arrive on time. Or, if you’d rather not deal with shipping headaches, switch it up this yearby shopping localwith e-gift cards to a local restaurant,or ane-gift certificate to a small boutique or salon. Now that the wheels are turning in your brain about holiday presents, let’s get you up-to-date on what else you’ll need to know for this week!

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • Hanukkah – Dec. 10 – Dec. 18
  • National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – Dec. 18
  • Festivus – Dec. 23
  • The “Seinfeld” holiday has amassed a huge following and is actually celebrated by some instead of Christmas.
  • Christmas Day – Dec. 25
  • It’s also National Eggnog Day!
  • Kwanzaa – Dec. 26

Trends You Should Know

  • The alternative milk roster has added another player to the list – this time, it’s chia milk. For the first time ever, dairy company SOW is releasing a non-dairy chia-based milk. The superfood beverage is said to have nearly twice the fiber and omega-3 fat than other plant-based milks and comes in four different flavors, from original or sweetened vanilla to chocolate. It’s unknown when this will become a staple at coffee shops but if it does end up at yours, what milk alternative will you be pouring into your drink?
  • We need to warn you: make sure to have tissues handy before you watch this video! Google came out with their annual “Year in Search” video for 2020 and it’s as emotional as you would expect. The search engine centered their video around questions that began with “why,” to highlight a year filled with so much uncertainty. 
  • As a “chaser” for the above video, we recommend watching the hilarious new commercial, written by Ryan Reynolds and his agency Maximum Effort. With everything that has gone on this year, it’s not surprising that even Satan could find his perfect match with none other than a female named 2020. The online dating site even made viewable profiles for Satan and 2020 with amazing responses to typical dating questions like “what’s your biggest regret” or “what is your body type.” Satan responded to the first question with “going down to Georgia.”
  • How much do you love McDonald’s? Do you love it enough to mimic your hairstyle after the beloved golden arches? McDonald’s in Sweden hope so! With the quintessential ‘90s middle-part and floppy bang male style (Google 90s Leonardo DiCaprio for reference) making a comeback in Sweden, the brand wanted to capitalize on the fact that the hairstyle looks similar to their iconic golden arches. They then created a pop-up “Golden M” barber shop in Stockholm where people can book virtual consultations with a stylist on how to style this throwback look. The campaign also features a “Golden M detector” app that uses AI to identify haircuts – if your photo shows you with the “Golden M” look, you’re rewarded with a free Big Mac. Are you this dedicated?

We hope you have a great week and we’ll see you back on the blog next Monday with more of what you need to know!

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