From Startup to Industry Thought Leader.

Born out of a broken system and the #MeTooMovement, this HR technology solution knew the impact it could have on the businesses and employees in virtually every industry. With a solution that resolved workplace misconduct issues such as harassment and discrimination in a fraction of the average time, there was unlimited potential to tell the story of this brand and the experts behind it.

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The Challenge

The Hot Topic No One Will Talk About.

Since inception, the company found success with each new client that adopted the platform and leveraged the unbiased, third-party reporting system. Despite early success and adoption, the brand faced challenges in marketing the platform because of limited client names and case studies to promote due to perceived negatives associated with adopting a service of this kind.

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The Solution

Elevating Thought Leadership One Incident at a Time.

Without customer case studies or names to leverage in marketing, we prioritized elevating the brand’s thought leadership across its entire executive team. With a deep understanding of how to build an executive profile on a national scale, we prioritized opportunities to promote their unique expertise and insights across a variety of platforms and mediums, including contributed and bylined content, podcasts, and interviews with print, online and broadcast media. In addition, we monitored for ongoing daily conversations about the issues of workplace harassment and discrimination for opportunities to position the company’s experts as a go-to source on the topic.

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The Results

Exponential Company and Platform Growth.

As a result, we secured hundreds of placements across top industry and national media, spotlighting the platform, showcasing executive expertise and providing commentary on some of the largest issues facing workplaces. Over a span of six months, the company grew by over 300 percent, protecting over 100,000 lives across the entire country from workplace harassment and discrimination. In addition, the CEO and founder is now a sought-after expert for interviews and panels on a national stage.

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