Breakthrough Telehealth Platform Optimizes Patient Care.

This suite of healthcare management solutions knew the impact it could have on patients and healthcare providers nationwide. With a solution that resolved long patient wait times, patient referral process issues and specialist appointment costs, the telehealth brand knew the impact it could have on both patients and healthcare providers nationwide if more PCPs and specialists knew about it. Powered by innovative technology and the experts behind it, we tapped into the platform’s unlimited potential to tell the story of a better healthcare solution for all.

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The Challenge

Spreading the Word on What Healthcare Could Be.

The digital telehealth company found success with each new primary care provider that adopted the platform and leveraged the eConsult platform. However, the brand faced challenges in marketing the relatively new platform because of limited patient cases available to share publicly. The company knew this tool could transform access to specialist care as we know it, but struggled to spread the word where it mattered most.

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The Solution

Pull Back the Sheet on Board-Certified Specialist Expertise.

Without an unlimited database of patient cases readily available to be leveraged in media efforts, we prioritized elevating the brand’s mission by leveraging numerous medical specialists utilizing the platform. With a deep understanding of how to build an expert source profile on a national scale, we prioritized opportunities to promote their unique expertise and insights across a variety of mediums, including developing thought leadership articles, securing interviews with national, regional and trade media, nominating the company and its leaders for awards, and submitting contracted specialists for speaking opportunities.

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The Results

Platform Growth and Patient Care Empowerment.

As a result, we secured hundreds of placements across top industry and national media, spotlighting the platform, showcasing specialist expertise and providing commentary on some of the hidden patient and PCP issues. Through a primarily B2B-focused approach in our media relations strategy, demand from patients to physicians increased, positioning the digital telehealth company as an advocate for those needing medical specialists and making the wait for specialty care a thing of the past through eConsults. Strategic positioning within the healthcare space has also resulted in the CEO and founder now being a sought-after expert for interviews and panels on a national stage.

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