Bolt Trend Report - Week of Feb. 1

January 31, 2021

Happy Monday and happy February, everyone! Today is the first day of Black History Month and with this comes 28 days of reflection, learning and celebration of Black history and leaders. From watching Black-created television shows/movies and being a patron of Black-owned businesses to reading stories of Black history and supporting causes affecting the community, there are plenty of ways to celebrate our Black community during February and every month afterwards. We’ve conquered one month of 2021 and now we’re onto a new one filled with history, love, sporting events and more. Let’s start this new month on a high note with some of the trends you need to know. 

Upcoming Holidays & Observances

  • First Day of Black History Month – Feb. 1
  • Groundhog Day – Feb. 2
  • Super Bowl Sunday – Feb. 7
  • Lunar New Year – Feb. 12
  • Galentine’s Day – Feb. 13
  • Valentine’s Day – Feb. 14
  • Presidents’ Day – Feb. 15

Trends You Should Know

  • Craft ice cream brand Jeni’s Ice Cream took the internet by storm with the unveiling of a new, and controversial, flavor. Enjoy a brunch favorite for dessert with Everything Bagel ice cream. Described as a sweet and salty mix, the treat mixes cream cheese ice cream with “buttery streusel” baked with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onions and garlic. As a New Yorker, I will hold my opinions on this ice cream until after I try it. What are your thoughts? Will you get a pint for your freezer?
  • In other food news, Kraft is trying to make its iconic blue-box mac & cheese a staple during Valentine’s Day with its new offering. The newest version is pink and candy-flavored for the holiday and only available in limited amounts. There are 1,000 kits for sale in the U.S. and Canada and include the standard Kraft Mac & Cheese elbow noodles with a satchel of pink candy-flavored powder. You can apply to receive this remixed dish on Kraft’s website from now through Monday, Feb. 8.
  • Unless you have been avoiding news channels at all costs, you know about how Reddit users have taken over the stock and financial world. We’ll leave the explanation to the team at Thrillist, who explained it best. As of today, the surge of buyers for “meme” stocks like GameStop and AMC Entertainment seems to be continuing despite prices dropping.

We wanted to make sure the entire blog wasn’t about the Super Bowl, so we saved this section for last. See below for a breakdown of everything you need to know before the big game this Sunday.

  • Where to watch: CBS Sports or your local CBS affiliate
  • What to wear: If you’re a fan, break out your Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs gear. If not, just something comfy!
  • What to eat: It’s not said enough, but I believe the Super Bowl has the best foods associated with it. Buffalo wings, dips, beer – what more could you want? Maybe try out a new recipe this year from a list of 80+ options for all eaters. 
  • What to watch out for: As mentioned in our last blog, several key brands that are a mainstay during Super Bowl halftime like Coca-Cola and Budweiser won’t be advertising this year. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be amazing commercials! Keep an eye out for new ads from Uber Eats including Wayne’s World, Tide and Pringles. You can watch all the commercials that have already come out here.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and we’ll see you back on the blog after the Super Bowl!

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