30 Femtech Brands to Watch in 2022

August 9, 2022

Check out our newly released list of 30 Femtech Brands to Watch in 2023!

Advancements in women’s healthcare have been supported and accelerated by the rapidly growing femtech industry. A term coined in 2016 by entrepreneur Ida Tin, femtech is gaining momentum, encompassing a variety of technology-enabled consumer products and services. These advanced solutions geared toward improving female-specific wellness and healthcare are on the rise, and the entrepreneurs behind the brands are earning well-deserved accolades.

The global femtech market is showing impressive growth with a projected $13.1 billion market size by 2030, and as women’s health issues draw attention, the femtech growth potential will increase. As the first U.S. company in the women’s and family health sector earning the prestigious unicorn status, Maven Clinic is further validating the investment value in the femtech space.

At Bolt PR, our women-led team partners with and celebrates professionals paving the way in femtech, and we’re proud to share 30 top U.S. femtech companies that are revolutionizing women’s healthcare.

Carli Sapir

Founding Partner

Carli Sapir is making an impact through two femtech companies. Amboy Street Ventures is committed to the growth of sexual health and women’s health technology startups. By investing in these startups, the stigma surrounding women’s health and sexual health continues to lift and more health needs are met. Sapir is also behind the Female Founded Club, a sourcing platform that connects investors to the best female founded startups and provides a space for networking and funding opportunities.

Eric Dy

Founder & CEO

Julien Penders

Co-Founder & COO

Through personalized prenatal care, Eric Dy and Julien Penders are spearheading a maternal health revolution. Headquartered in San Francisco, Bloomlife combines technology, data science and medical expertise to deliver a remote prenatal care platform to improve the quality of care for women. With its smartphone-connected sensor and app, Bloomlife makes it possible for expecting parents to visualize and track contractions. This clinically validated information is working to advance women’s healthcare and solve the most significant global challenges in maternal health.

Tammy Sun

Founder & CEO

Asima Ahmad

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Named on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2022 list, Carrot Fertility is a pioneer in the femtech world. Under Tammy Sun’s and Asima Ahmad’s leadership, Carrot Fertility is the complete global solution for fertility benefits. With a mission of helping employers and health plans provide equal access to high-quality fertility care, including other solutions like IVF and adoption, Carrot Fertility builds custom plans based on budget, location, existing coverage, and more. Inclusive fertility benefits for all are made possible through Carrot.

Jessica Karr

Founding General Partner

As co-founder of Coyote Ventures, Jessica Karr has played a pivotal role in building the future of women’s health. Coyote Ventures invests in early stage startups that are revolutionizing the women’s health and wellness sector. Under the guidance of Karr, this femtech company backs novel products with innovative science, design and marketing, and a vision to improve lives by growing access to health and wellness. Coyote Ventures aims to revolutionize a woman’s healthcare at every stage.

Heather Bowerman

Founder & CEO

Research shows that an endometriosis diagnosis can take up to 11 years, which is one of the reasons why DotLab’s healthcare technology company launched DotEndo to fill this diagnostic gap that has been around for far too long. This non-invasive blood test aids in the diagnosis of active endometriosis by measuring biomarkers in the blood which identify active endometriosis. Heather Bowerman set out to advance women’s healthcare through breakthrough, actionable technologies that ultimately result in better health outcomes.

Alessandra Henderson

Co-Founder & CEO

Jannine Versi

Co-Founder & COO

Founded by Alessandra Henderson and Jannine Versi, Elektra Health is on a mission to provide evidence-based menopause expertise and care for the modern woman. By breaking the menopause tabboo, Elektra empowers women to understand and manage their symptoms through online education and expert care from board-certified doctors. Additionally, they launched a supportive community where women can connect in a safe space.

Priyanka Jain

Co-Founder & CEO

Laine Bruzek

Co-Founder & CMO

Under the leadership of Priyanka Jain and Laine Bruzek, Evvy provides unprecedented insight into health with an at-home vaginal microbiome test. This first-ever at-home test uses metagenomic sequencing to generate a report that uncovers all bacteria and fungi related to pH imbalance and much more. With this knowledge, women learn what’s associated with everything from recurrent infections to infertility.

Brittany Barreto PHD

Co-Founder, Executive Director, Podcast Host

Julie Hakim, MD

Medical Director, Co-Founder

Brittany Barreto, PhD and Julie Hakim, MD are making an impact in the femtech world through FemTech Focus, a non-profit organization working to elevate women’s health and wellness globally. The FemTech Focus podcast increases awareness and provides resources to femtech founders through exposure and networking opportunities. Brittany is also a co-founder and advisor to Coyote Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in early stage startups that are innovating in women’s health and wellness.

Jessica Bell van der Wal

Co-Founder & CEO

Corey van der Wal

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Offering the first and only evidence-based holistic platform for the early identification of fertility risk and care navigation, Frame Fertility is truly a one-of-a-kind femtech company. Fram Fertility’s mission is to help those who might one day want children prioritize their overall health. Without the need of expensive treatments, Frame uses evidence-based information to support individual’s fertility and family goals.

Ashlee Wisdom

Founder & CEO

Eddwina Bright

Co-Founder & CPO

From expert-led events and workshops to evidence-based health content, Health In Her HUE is reimagining women’s healthcare. Founded by Ashlee Wisdom and Eddwina Bright, Health In Her HUE is a digital platform that connects Black women and women of color to culturally competent healthcare providers. By leveraging technology and community, this femtech force is reducing racial health disparities and empowering women of color to make informed health choices while innovating around the health issues that disproportionately affect them.

Somer Baburek

Co-Founder, CEO & President

Paul Castella

Co-Founder & Board Chairmen

Bruce Nicholson

Co-Founder & CSO

Nameer Kirma

Co-Founder & Chair Scientific Advisory

Together, Somer Baburek, Paul Castella, Bruce Nicholson, and Nameer Kirma co-founded Hera Biotech to address and meet the unmet healthcare needs for women, specifically in the reproductive medicine realm. Under the team’s expert leadership, Hera is on a mission to commercialize and advance the non-surgical method of early, definitive diagnosis of endometriosis with the novel MetriDx™. With endometriosis being the leading cause of infertility, Hera targets reproductive endocrinologists, fertility clinics, and OB/GYNs.

Andrew Dudum

Founder & CEO

Hilary Coles

Co-Founder and SVP of Brand & Innovation

Andrew Dudum and Hilary Coles are the driving force behind the multi-specialty telehealth platform that introduced Hers Wellness Essentials. This new line of six supplements, formulated specifically for women, is brought to you by the company that makes healthcare feel more like self-care. Within the new line of products, women can choose from probiotic supplements that support women’s general health, mental wellness, gut health, digestive health and skin health, as well as a daily libido supplement. Women can purchase the new supplements directly from the new Hers app as well as select CVS pharmacy locations nationwide, CVS.com and ForHers.com.

Maryam Ziaei

Co-Founder & CEO

Shadi Saberi

Co-Founder & CTO

True femtech trailblazers, Maryam Ziaei and Shadi Saberi founded the world’s first AI-driven portable and automated 3D breast ultrasound scanner. iSono Health introduced ATUSA and received FDA clearance of this breast ultrasound system that features a one-of-a-kind wearable accessory for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. ATUSA’s proprietary scan method provides physicians with advanced 3D visualization for a confident diagnosis.

Melissa Hanna

Co-Founder & CEO

Linda Hanna

Chief Nursing Officer

Sunny Walia

Co-Founder & CTO

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Mahmee works to connect the dots between patients, practitioners, and data. A variety of specialists, from obstetricians to lactation consultants and nutritionists, are crucial elements in the maternal health journey, and Mahmee’s patient-facing dashboard allows for easy appointment management, communication with experts and personalized daily content for each stage of pregnancy and new parenthood. This femtech startup is spearheaded by a powerful mother-daughter duo, Linda Hanna and Melissa Hanna, as well as co-founder and CTO, Sunny Walia, and the company raised an impressive $9.2 million Series A to drive its mission and proprietary SaaS solution for practitioners.

Aparna (Amy) Divaraniya

CEO & Founder

Aparna Divaraniya created a consumer-first, data-driven experience for patients and healthcare providers alike that is founded by doctors and backed by Mount Sinai Hospital. Oova fully illuminates a woman’s fertility by ensuring every data point is tracked, giving her and her care team the clearest steps to conception. Through advanced personalized analytics and real-time data, Oova is transforming the fertility care experience under expert leadership.

Jodi Neuhauser

Co-Founder & CEO

Jodie Neuhauser started Ovaterra to support reproductive health with science and compassion. As the next generation of reproductive and sexual health, Ovaterra discovers and designs clinical-grade supplements that support cellular health from the start. In fact, Ovaterra is the only fertility nutraceutical company that holds 10 patents for its formulations and technology in the U.S. and Canada. With all products being gluten-free, vegetarian, non-GMO, and nut free, Ovaterra is committed to the highest standards.

Daisy Robinton

Co-Founder & CEO

David Pepin

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

There is an unmet need in women’s health, and under Daisy Robinton’s and David Pepin’s leadership, Oviva Therapeutics is addressing this through research and clinical development within ovarian physiology. Through novel therapeutics that target ovarian function and longevity, Oviva is on a mission to extend the healthspan in women. Additionally, Oviva announced its $11.5 million in seed funding to address female physiology, focusing on ovarian aging.

Amy Beckly

CEO & Founder

Ellen Schell

Co-Founder & CMO

Focusing on the entire fertility journey, Proov offers fertility insights through its suite of diagnostics. Dr. Amy Beckley, known as the “infertile scientist,” and Ellen Schell utilized their expertise to discover a problem with ovulation quality. Through Proov’s easy at-home urine tests, app users have access to a science-backed fertility coach and the only FDA-cleared test to confirm ovulation across the implantation window.

Erika Seth Davies


Rhia Ventures is on a mission to create sexual, reproductive, and maternal health for all. Through a group of investors, activists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, Erika Seth Davies is taking women’s healthcare to new heights. Headquartered in San Francisco, Rhia Ventures is creating meaningful impact and building a more just marketplace that produces equitable outcomes for all.

Alison Greenberg

Co-Founder & CEO

Audrey Wu

Co-Founder & COO

As a telehealth clinic and care hub for pregnancy and women’s health, Ruth Health is making waves in the femtech space. Alison Greenberg and Audrey Wu founded Ruth Health to provide evidence-based methods to meeting women’s and maternal issues. The startup raised 2.4 million in a seed funding round to support their services of pelvic floor therapy, C-section recovery and lactation consulting.

Andrea Ippolito

CEO & Founder

SimpliFed is the trusted partner for parents feeding their babies. With virtual breastfeeding and baby feeding support, SimpliFed is there every step of the way from pregnancy to weaning. Founder Andrea Ippolito launched this solution that is fully covered by most health plans. A virtual care team that includes a lactation consultant helps parents reach their feeding goals. This femtech company is making advancements in women’s health and raised $6 million in seed funding to redesign the baby feeding experience.

Stacy London


Long-time fashion stylsit Stacy London co-founded State of Menopause to help people feel their best during menopause. Experiencing the personal effects of living in a society where every stage of hormonal health was discussed aside from menopause, London created this femtech company to help others manage, understand and endure and enjoy the process of menopause. Through rapid-response personal care products, State of Menopause provides symptom relief and understanding of the overall menopause process.

Maria Velissaris

Founding and Managing Partner

With a passionate goal of investing in the future of women’s healthcare, SteelSky Ventures is an early stage women’s health tech venture capital fund. Maria Velissaris believes in an innovative approach which allows an investment across the spectrum of women’s healthcare as well as technology that advances new care delivery models. SteelSky Ventures invests in a range of areas of womens care from digital health, retail therapeutics, ePharmacy, and more.

Jamie Norwood


Cynthia Plotch


Jamie Norwood and Cynthia Plotch launched a better way for women to care for their health through tools, resources and reproductive and vaginal health products. Offering pregnancy and ovulation test kits, yeast infection kits, emergency contraception products, and more, Stix is paving the way for a convenient, discreet, and judgment-free way for all women to get the products they need. Also, Stix created a space where medically-reviewed health education is made readily available to answer the most commonly googled health questions.

Carolyn Witte

Co-Founder & CEO

Felicity Yost

Co-Founder & COO

In 2017, Carolyn Witte and Felicity Yost founded Tia, the modern medical home for women. With a mission of treating women with comprehensive care that is personalized and integrative, Tia is empowering women in their health decisions through an experienced collaborative Care Team that understands that no two patients are the same. Also, Tia expanded its offerings this year with the launch of fertility services, including fertility assessments, prevention-focused care, and support for patients trying to conceive.

Amy Fan

President, CPO & Co-Founder

Bruno Van Tuykom

Co-Founder & CEO

Amy Fan and Bruno Van Tuykom are the innovators behind women’s health platform Twentyeight Health. With a focus on increasing reproductive and sexual healthcare access to underserved communities, Twentyeight Health was named one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies 2022 for its efforts in increasing access to birth control for women in contraceptive deserts. Through low-cost mobile access to birth control prescriptions, this women’s health champion covers 85% of women of reproductive age in the U.S.

Tomer Ben-Kiki

Co-Founder & CEO

Ofer Leidner

Co-Founder & President

Tomer Ben-Kiki and Ofer Leidner co-founded Twill, The Intelligent Healing Company™ that works to untangle the complexities of the healthcare system. Through the development of clinical grade personalized digital therapeutics and care solutions for the modern healthcare cloud, Twill makes healthcare more precise, connected, and responsive for both enterprises and individuals. Under the leadership of Tomer Ben-Kiki and Ofer Leidner, Twill announced a partnership with Anthem to support and improve the maternal care journey for women across the nation.

Ronit Menashe & Vida Delrahim

Co-Founder & CEO; Co-Founder

With a goal of shifting prenatal care from women-centered to couples-centered, WeNatal makes a profound difference in the health and wellbeing of couples and their growing families. Co-founders Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim understand the challenges of navigating the supplement market, which is why they co-founded WeNatal to make prenatals with the right nutrients and doses backed by the latest research and formulated by industry-leading doctors. With this science-based formula, WeNatal focuses on all aspects of the fertility equation for both him and her.

Julie Kucinski

Co-Founder & CMO

Corey Scholibo

Co-Founder & COO

Gwendolyn Floyd

Co-Founder & CEO

Wile has broken into the femtech space with clinically backed naturopath-formulated wellness for women aged 40 and over. Creating a holistic, plant-based wellness line rooted in hormonal and emotional balance, Wile provides support for mood swings, sleep, stress, perimenopause, and more. Through clinical studies and plant based medicine, Wile empowers grown women to feel and be themselves.

Sally Mueller

Co-Founder & CEO

Michelle Jacobs

Co-Founder & COO

Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs noticed how underserved women going through menopause were, so they launched Womaness to provide modern menopause products created by women for women to treat common menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and dry skin. In fact, Womaness stepped onto the shelves of Ulta Beauty earlier this year, making it the first menopause care brand in the popular beauty retailer.

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As a growing market of opportunity, femtech continues to meet the needs in women’s healthcare. At Bolt PR, we share the vision of the long-overdue femtech revolution and support the brilliant innovators in this space. Our work in advancing and ensuring all women receive the latest healthcare products and services will never be done. In fact, we’re just getting started.

Are you ready to supercharge your femtech brand?

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