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Bolt PR is an award-winning public relations and social media management agency in Irvine, Calif., Raleigh, N.C., and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We provide nonprofits, start-ups and businesses of all sizes with revenue-generating exposure, credibility and attention in the marketplace. From press releases, media relations and social media management to copy writing and event coordination, our business  is growing yours. 


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In 1989, a group of grieving students at West Charlotte High School got together after the death of a classmate, Alex Orange. He was a 17-year-old star football player who saw a fight break out at a party. He got in the middle to stop it and was killed, creating a tragic loss for the student body. A group […]

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Even though you may not be Irish, you may have imbibed in certain adult beverages over the weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which is today. So, HAPPY HAPPY! (Sorry, if the aspirin isn’t working for that hangover…happy happy. Shhhh.) However, now the parade is over, the booze has settled, and the cobwebs have cleared, […]

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It’s edgy. It’s sexy. It’s wildly entertaining and our #BoltOC office is bursting with excitement. The second annual Making the Cut live hair show competition is upon us. Think America’s Got Talent meets Top Chef. The competition is fast-paced, intense, and the pressure is on … not for you, of course. The pressure is on […]

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(We make real headlines, right?) Recently, there were a few hilarious bits on news stations across the country about cooking. One problem, the featured chef is not an actual chef. The goal of “Chef Keith” was convince morning stations to have him on air to do a segment promoting his book that was (you guessed […]

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Taylor Swift, the country music ingenue and serial break-up artist, has done it again — but this time with her publicist of more than seven years. In fact, Paula Erickson has been Swift’s only publicist (until now). Imagine being a publicist to someone of the fame, notoriety and drama as Taylor Swift. What could you […]

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ICYMI: Our Irvine office (#BoltOC) welcomed three new client partners to the fold. Nothing makes us happier than news like that because our work earned trust of others, and that is one of the cardinal musts in our agency and profession — without the trust of clients, there is no agency. Because of that trust, […]

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When we grow, our team grows too. New client partners mean new experiences. Those experiences mean opportunities to become better in PR, marketing and social media. That said, believe us when we say that we couldn’t be happier to make announcements like this. Our Bolt Public Relations office in Irvine, Calif. (#BoltOC) is thrilled to […]

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It’s not Google Glass. It’s not the Cue-Cat. It’s not even the ear-implant-Cell Mate. However, Coca-Cola would like you to consider the “Social Media Guard.” From the company that brings you heartwarming holiday commercials and polar bears with a sweet tooth, comes a beverage company that wants to treat you like a dog because of […]

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In my days of PR, I’ve often been dubbed as a “one-man gang.” That couldn’t be more of a truth than now, as I am the only source of machismo here at Bolt Public Relations. I recall our fearless leader asked me if I had any qualms being surrounded by that many women in the workplace. […]

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Instagram’s value to marketers is unquestioned. If you’re just getting started though, there are some unseen differences for this network that you’ll need to get used to. For instance, there is still no built-in way to repost or re-share a picture or video on Instagram, unlike Twitter and Facebook. Third-party applications such as RepostWhiz and […]

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