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Bolt PR is an award-winning public relations and social media management agency in Irvine, Calif., Raleigh, N.C., and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We provide nonprofits, start-ups and businesses of all sizes with revenue-generating exposure, credibility and attention in the marketplace. From press releases, media relations and social media management to copy writing and event coordination, our business  is growing yours. 


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Our Smashburger family keeps growing! Last month, the #BoltNC team wrapped a successful grand opening at a brand new Smashburger location in Durham. This is the first Smashburger to come to North Carolina’s Triangle area and it’s safe to say that locals are loving the smashingly fresh food! (Check the nice ink from the Triangle Business […]

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Ladies and gents, it’s the middle of April. And you know what that means? Typically, payday and Happy Hour, but it’s also time for the second edition of the Bolt PR News “Flash.” This is our fun (and slightly vain) opportunity to share more about our team with you! This time, we’re headed to #BoltNC […]

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At Bolt PR, we believe in partnering with people for a cause. We do more than make awareness – we make a difference. That said, we understand the benefits of cause marketing, how to serve, and building a relationship with a nonprofit organization that reflects the causes a corporation embraces. Before your company selects a cause […]

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Much like of the rest of us in the Thunderdome (not an official nickname for all Bolt offices), our team in #BoltOC stay up on current events and the community. Among the top of the events coming this weekend (and next) is Coachella. This lollapalooza festival of music, entertainment, outdoor recreation, and other things that […]

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We have all been there. You’re sitting on the gym equipment watching the TV. You’re taking way too much time between intervals. You cheat yourself on reps because you’re tired. Sometimes workouts can get mundane, which is why our client partner Orangetheory Fitness has created something to switch the pace and get people energized once […]

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Last December, we proudly announced that #BoltDFW was official — Bolt PR has opened a Dallas/Ft. Worth office, hired a native PR expert to lead it, and plan to make more than a lasting impression but a difference. With our current offices in California and North Carolina, we are familiar with the South, but not […]

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We love our clients at Bolt PR! Seriously. And we realize how fortunate we are to be able to say that, which is why when a client wants a video filmed at its organic farm in Armargosa Valley, Nevada … we don’t blink, grab for the Willie Nelson CD and get on the road again. That’s […]

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While scouring local news in our three states, in addition to national trolling, we stumbled upon a post from Boston’s Matter Communications. The agency’s CEO Scott Signore shared an interesting note for all fellow communications agencies — you are not allowed to be a “Best Place to Work” in Boston. His agency submitted Matter for as […]

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According to #BoltOC local NBC-4 in Los Angeles, the proud and true, black and blue LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department, for those scoring at home) just got a Lamborghini Gallardo to add to its fleet. All of you with lead feet, just let that sink in a moment. A Lamborghini Gallardo with LAPD stickers and sirens on […]

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At Bolt Public Relations, we have a team of dynamic people scattered across three states — California (Orange County), North Carolina (Raleigh), and Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth). And because they all deserve some love, we figured out a way to feature our peeps via this bloggerific method of narcissism — The Bolt PR News “Flash.” (Get […]

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