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Bolt PR is an award-winning public relations and social media management agency in Orange County, Calif., Raleigh, N.C., and Dallas, Texas. We provide nonprofits, start-ups and businesses of all sizes with revenue-generating exposure, credibility and attention in the marketplace. From press releases, media relations and social media management to copy writing and event coordination, our business  is growing yours. 


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How to Spot a Bolt PR Pro

At Bolt PR, we like to think we’re pretty different, as a company and as a team. So I asked my staff to share insights in to the culture at Bolt and how to know when you’ve spotted a Bolt PR pro. Below are responses I collected, and I couldn’t agree more.


A Bolt PR pro…

  • is lost without Microsoft Outlook
  • celebrates wins with spontaneous dance parties in the office
  • is pranked at least once a week by other team members – all in good fun, of course!
  • has an ongoing list of team members’ names to whom you owe Starbucks
  • laughs so hard, he/she cries
  • lands incredible coverage in top publications, on the regular
  • has a desk covered in post-it notes
  • has a trash can overflowing with Starbucks cups
  • finds him/herself gravitating to purple-colored clothes
  • carries two cell phones, all the time
  • starts talking to random people about the newsworthiness of their product/ store/ service, and finds this to be normal
  • has multiple reporters’ cell phone numbers stored in a cell phone and marks their last names as the station or outlet they’re associated with
  • knows what Tutor & Spunky’s is and has his/her top three choices… depending on the weather
  • takes the time to give back to the community
  • fights for his/her favorite Pandora station in the office
  • finds herself wearing heels around the house
  • realizes that he/she would rather talk than text
  • is genuinely excited to go to work in the morning
  • works with the friendliest, most talented group of PR professionals you could imagine – from coast to coast!

As you can see, we’re pretty crazy about each other and our work. Can you relate to any of the above?

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